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If you know me, you know that I love my BOB (Revolution) stroller. It is really such a great stroller. It has allowed me to keep up my running habit since having Jonah. I used it SO much in NYC for jogging in Central Park and on the East River path. I also used it for 'Strolla Momma's', the exercise class I attended in Central Park for nearly 2 years. Jonah, BOB, and I went about twice a week and had a great time.

I have now been using it some with Annabelle. I got several runs in with her in NYC before we moved, but she is definitely not as content in the stroller as Jonah was. I am sure it has some to do with the fact that she has not been in a stroller as much as Jonah because she is not a city baby, but it also largely has to do with her personality. She is just not laid back like Jonah and is always wanting to be doing something. Anyways, as she has gotten a little older, she is getting better. Now that the weather is headed towards warmer, I am planning on running with her in the BOB at least once/week. After we drop Jonah at preschool, we will head to a local running path and put in a few miles. I am training for the Lexington 1/2 Marathon, so getting some mid week runs in is essential right now.

As I was out running with her in the BOB about a week ago, I started thinking about all the runs BOB had accompanied me on and thought it might be a good blog post. I do a lot of thinking (and praying) while I run :), hence the idea to blog about my BOB. I started wondering what BOB was an acronymn for... assuming that it was an acronymn.... so I came up with Baby On Board... I was thinking that had to be what it stood for... b/c I mean, what else it could be?  So, I looked it up when I got home and BOB does not stand for 'Baby on Board'.... It stands for 'Beast of Burden'.... well, of course, why didn't I think of that?? Anyways, I have no idea why that is what it stands for, the website didn't really explain, but that's what it stands for. I think I will continue to assume it stands for 'Baby on Board'. :)

Here are some pictures of the past few years with BOB... what a faithful 'friend'  and running partner he has been. He carries my water for me, 'encourages' me to push him up hills and pulls me down the other side of the hill. BOB allows me to go places with my baby that a normal stroller would not take me, at least not nearly as comfortably. BOB, definitely tops my list of favorite baby equipment!

My happy-go-lucky baby, Jonah in the BOB on one of our many jogs together
(I know this even more so now that I have a not as happy-go-lucky baby, Annabelle)

chillin' in the BOB -- Jonah often took his morning nap in the BOB

Its hard to tell, but we have the BOB on a subway ride, this was pretty rare b/c of the size of the stroller... I don't remember where we were going, but we must have been planning on doing a fair amount of walking once we got there.

This is on a trail run in Maine on our vacation in Fall 2009

One of my most favorite places ever, Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park, in Bar Harbor, Maine

Walking around Jordan Pond

Snack, please!!

Jonah always wanted a snack while in the stroller for Strolla' Momma's... helped keep him entertained.

Strolla Momma's... Jonah was out of the stroller, but this was the end of class and I often let him run around during this time.

The BOB was great in the big NYC snow storms... really the only way I could get out in our neighborhood in the big snows with Jonah.

look at that snowball!!

What a cutie!!

The BOB came with us on our trip out west in Spring 2010, this was at Yosemite National Park

The Golden Gate Bridge!

Nap in Central Park

sharing his snack with Mommy while she was running

view of Manhattan from Randalls Island after a Saturday morning Run

Jonah at the UES/90th St entrance to Central Park

Jonah brought one of his favorite little friends along for this ride in the BOB

Jonah decided he wanted to push instead of ride :)

A nice spring day!

Summer Streets in NYC, looking south on Park Avenue
You can't really tell, but this is Annabelle... in front of the UES/90th St entrance to Central Park. She was about 3 months old here and young enough to sleep through a run for her Mama. This was before I knew we were moving and I am really glad I took this picture.
I am hoping to have some more pictures of Annabelle in the BOB soon.

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