Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jonah turns 4!

I am a bit behind on getting Jonah's birthday blogged about. Jonah turned 4 the week before Christmas.... what a busy time of year! We have Jonah's birthday a week after Christmas, then Annabelle's a couple of weeks after... busy busy busy!

Jonah's 4th birthday was celebrated 3 times. He had a birthday party a week or so before his actual birthday, he had cupcakes with his preschool class on his birthday, and we had family over for dinner on his birthday as well.

His first celebration was the 'big' party with all his little friends. We invited several friends, a mixture of people we know from Atlanta, a few friends we know from NYC that now live in ATL, and new friends from Atlanta, mainly being friends from Jonah's preschool class. This party was at a place called 'Catch Air'. It was a big indoor playground, really this place was crazy, but all the kids loved it. It had a couple of inflatable type things to jump on, big slides, ball pits, a dance floor, things to swing on, a kids exercise area... if you need a way to wear your kids out, take them to Catch Air!

Here is most of the crew from the party (+ 1 or 2 random kids that wanted in the picture). Jonah got to choose a character to have a dance party with, he chose Buzz Light Year, thus the theme for his party.

One of the many fun things at Catch Air

Jonah's Buzz Light Year Cookie Cake

Banner and Cake
Birthday chair in the party room
When it was time to sing to Jonah, he requested that the lights be turned off for the candles
Jonah getting ready to eat his cake. I love his cute grin here :)

A few poses with his Buzz Light Year balloon on his actual birthday

On his actual birthday, I was able to go to his preschool class and take cupcakes. The teacher also has the Mom bring a book and read to the class and then the birthday child gets to sit beside their Mom. It was cute how big of a deal this was to Jonah. He was so excited about getting to come sit beside me... I'll enjoy that while it lasts. He chose 'Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel'... one of his favorite books.

Jonah's teacher, Ms. Laura lighting the candle on his cupcake.

Aunt Katie came along for the preschool bday party to help out with everything and keep Annabelle from tearing the classroom apart.

Jonah with his teachers, Ms. Laura and Ms. Deborah... they are great!

On Jonah's birthday, we had my family over for dinner. The menu included quesadillas and cupcakes... two of Jonah's favorite things. Unfortunately, I was either busy or having the time of my life because the above picture with his Uncle Johnny is the only picture I took all evening. :(
We had a 'make your own' quesadilla bar and sides to go with it. We had cupcakes that I bought from GiGi's cupcakes that were really cute and I guess I didn't get a picture of them b/c I can't find a single one.
Celebrating Jonah's 4th birthday was great. He is such a joy and such a fun, smart, curious, life-loving, people-loving boy. Jonah still loves trains, but have taken a recent interest in Toy Story since choosing Buzz Light Year as the dance party character for the birthday party. Jonah loves riding his scooter, reading books, playing games, and doing any kind of 'projects' I can come up with. He is an amazing son and brother. Annabelle adores him and I think the feeling is generally mutal, unless he is trying to build a train track, and then I think she kind of gets on his nerves. :)  I am SO proud to be his Mama! Jonah, you make me so happy each and every day. My love for you keeps growing even when I don't think its possible for me to love you an ounce more!




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