Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day Trip

Even though we live a mere 5 miles from the Wyatt's, Jonah and I took a 'Day Trip' to visit them. The Wyatt's live in Manhattan, but farther north and on the west side, so a bit of an effort is involved in getting up to see them. Our route includes the crosstown bus and then a train. It takes close to an hour door-to-door. One of the complicating factors is that it is difficult to take a stroller on a bus, so I either have to fold up the stroller, carry it, Jonah, and our stuff, or I just take Jonah in the 'carrier' and tote our stuff. I chose the second option today. Its crazy to think that it takes about an hour to travel 5 miles. If I were to jog, I could most likely get there in less than an hour. Oh the joys of living in NYC.....

Anyways, we went to visit the Wyatt's for the day and had a great time. Jonah played with Jack, Lillie, and Elliott. It was a lot of action for him. He is used to it being me and him, so being with 3 other kids all day wore him out. He had a great time though! He loved playing with all their toys. He especially loved their 'play kitchen'. There are some pictures of him playing with Jack, Lillie, and Elliott and the various toys posted below.

My friend, Susan, and I planned to get together today to be domestic. She is much more crafty than me, so I definitely followed her lead on this, but we were successful. To get this point across a little more clearly... I had not touched a sewing machine since 8th grade until today, so without Susan's guidance, I would have been TOTALLY lost!! We made book slings today! We are not completely done, but we are well on our way. We did all of the sewing today, we just have to buy the hardware to mount them on the wall. If you click on the link to book slings above, you can get an idea of what the finished product will look like. I will post a picture of mine when it is complete and mounted on the wall. We each made 2. I made 1 for Jonah's room and 1 for the living room. They won't be mounted until we move into the new apartment, so it may be a few weeks until they are up. Below are various pictures from our day. We had a great time!


As of late, Jonah is wanting to do more and more on his own. Obviously, this is a good thing,.... but sometimes a messy thing.

The first two pictures of Jonah having breakfast sitting on the couch. I sometimes let him sit on the couch for breakfast... He thinks he is big stuff when he gets to do this because this is where Mommy and Daddy sit for all meals at home (since we don't have any sort of table to sit at in our ity-bity-teeny-weeny nyc apartment -- but that is hopefully soon to change -- ) so, anyways, here he is enjoying his Eggo waffle and milk on the couch this morning.

The last two pictures are of Jonah feeding himself his yogurt. He really likes to feed himself now and sometimes it can be messy, but he loves doing it and is so proud of himself. Sometimes he even stops in between bites and claps for himself.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jonah Love

This morning I went on a run in Central Park and took Jonah along (of course) in the BOB jogging stroller. I love my BOB! Its such a great stroller!

Anyways, as I'm jogging, I usually talk to Jonah as I go. He is usually so good. I guess he is used to these jogs. He almost always has his snack cup and his sippy cup that help in keeping him entertained. He also usually has a toy attached by a strap that he sometimes plays with, which also helps keep him from getting too restless.

This morning as we were strolling along, Jonah was snacking on his Goldfish crackers. I said to him "Jonah, you're being such a good boy". A minute or two later, he started handing Goldfish crackers up to me, one at a time. Maybe I was going extra slow today or something and he thought I needed an energy boost. He continued to hand me Goldfish crackers, one at a time, for several minutes. I had quite the collection of Goldfish crackers in the cup holder of the stroller by the time I was done with the jog.

Such a sweet boy. I was imagining that the Goldfish crackers were little tokens of his love. :) Here's a couple of pics from my cell phone when he was handing the crackers up to me. So cute!