Friday, May 14, 2010

Jonah Love

This morning I went on a run in Central Park and took Jonah along (of course) in the BOB jogging stroller. I love my BOB! Its such a great stroller!

Anyways, as I'm jogging, I usually talk to Jonah as I go. He is usually so good. I guess he is used to these jogs. He almost always has his snack cup and his sippy cup that help in keeping him entertained. He also usually has a toy attached by a strap that he sometimes plays with, which also helps keep him from getting too restless.

This morning as we were strolling along, Jonah was snacking on his Goldfish crackers. I said to him "Jonah, you're being such a good boy". A minute or two later, he started handing Goldfish crackers up to me, one at a time. Maybe I was going extra slow today or something and he thought I needed an energy boost. He continued to hand me Goldfish crackers, one at a time, for several minutes. I had quite the collection of Goldfish crackers in the cup holder of the stroller by the time I was done with the jog.

Such a sweet boy. I was imagining that the Goldfish crackers were little tokens of his love. :) Here's a couple of pics from my cell phone when he was handing the crackers up to me. So cute!