Monday, April 16, 2012

3 months

On April 14th Annabelle turned 3 months old. Time really flies! I am loving being the mommy of 2 and the mommy of a precious baby girl. She is so sweet and cuddly and I just love this baby time. I get sad thinking about how fast it is going by!

Annabelle at 3 months of age:
Height: Weight: 11 lbs 2 oz.

Sleeping patterns: Annabelle has still been a good sleeper overall, however over the past week or so, she hasn't been sleeping quite as well. We just got back from a trip to Georgia, so I am hoping that all the traveling is what has her off and it is not a new habit developing. She is still on 3 hour cycles during the day and has been sleeping for up to 7-9 hour stretches at night.

Eating habits: has breast milk every 3 - 3 1/2 hours. I am working hard to try to get Annabelle to take a bottle. She is not a big fan as of yet. I am supposed to be returning to work this coming week, so I really need her to become friends with the bottle.

New discoveries: Between 2-3 months of age, Annabelle giggled for the first time. It was absolutely adorable. It happened at the beginning of April. So sweet. I just love baby giggles. Annabelle has also discovered her toes. I love watching her reach for and try to grab them. She looks as though she is concentrating so hard... so precious! Annabelle also loves the water. I started putting her straight into the water in the bathtub instead of in the baby bath seat. She loves laying in the water and will kick her feet and wiggle her arms all around while she is in the bath. If she is upset, the bath water calms her down.

Accomplishments: Annabelle is already pretty much rolling from her belly to her back. She is getting her arm stuck underneath her, but she still is making it all the way to her back. She is too young to become mobile! :-)

Places I went: just before turning 3 months, Annabelle made a trip to Georgia with Jonah and Mommy. We were able to stay for 10 days. Annabelle got to meet the rest of Mommy's family that she had not yet met. She was able to meet her great grandmother, Eulabelle Yvonne :) that was a special treat for her momma. While we were in Georgia, we also went down to Gordon, GA which is where Annabelle's grandparents are currently living.

Baby Babbles: Annabelle is definitely becoming 'chatty'. She likes to use her voice to let us know when she is happy or unhappy. It is so cute to here her baby sounds.

I love you my sweet Annabelle.

A few pics of Annabelle at 3 months. I had these pictures done at Portrait Innovations while we were in Georgia.

2 months

I am still running a bit behind on this.... but here is a little bit about Annabelle at 2 months (March 14, 2012)

Height: 23 inches (80th%) Weight: 10lbs (30th%)

Sleeping patterns: Annabelle has been quite a good sleeper so far. I really can't complain. At 2 months of age, she has already slept 8-9 hours at night. She is not doing this every night, but she is sleeping well most nights. During the day she is on a 3 hour cycle of eat, wake-time, sleep. She is still napping in most all of these 3 hour cycles. She does best when she is at home and is able to lay down in her bed for her naps.

Eating habits: Annabelle is nuring every 3 hours. She isn't as good of an eater as Jonah was. Sometimes she just won't nurse and it is very frustrating. We are working on it though! She is still only consuming breast milk.

New discoveries: Around 2 months of age Annabelle has definitely discovered her voice. When she has a full belly and is really happy she coos and makes all sorts of cute sounds.

Places I went: Annabelle took a trip to Kentucky to visit her grandparents and all of Mark's family in mid March. It was so much fun to get to introduce her to her family. She did really well on the trip.

Special friends: Annabelle has a few friends in the nursery at church. They are a couple of months older than her, but once they are all a little bit older, the age difference won't be noticeable. Clara Burton, Laurabelle Patton, and Soren Miller.

Here are a few pictures of Annabelle at 2 months of age.