Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jonah's room

I decided to add a little something to Jonah's room. I'm not allowed to paint his room, so I had to be a bit creative in my decorating. I didn't want to leave the walls plain, so with the help of my wonderful little brother and great Dad, this is what we did. I will post a before picture of how I had things arranged on the wall and then I will post an 'after' picture of how I have things arranged now. What do you think?


5 months old!

Jonah is all smiles with Daddy

Very intently playing in his exersaucer

Playing with his toes!

May 18th, 2009

Jonah turned 5 months old on May 18th. How quickly this time has gone by! Every moment of it has been nothing but pure joy for me. I mean that! I never dreamed that being a mom would be this wonderful. I LOVE it! Jonah is the biggest blessing!!!!!! He makes me so happy. My heart could burst with love for him!

He had his 5 month check up on May 20th, so just a couple days after he actually turned 5 months old. He is doing great! He weighed 16lbs 12oz, which is the 75th percentile for his age and he was 27 1/2 inches long, which is the 95th percentile for his age. Mark is getting increasingly excited about the prospects of having a basketball player on our hands! : )
Above are a few pics of our 5 month old for you to enjoy.
Below are a couple more pictures of Jonah....

Jonah enjoying his oatmeal cereal and bananas!

Jonah sportin' a mohawk... he was tired, so I couldn't get him to smile.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Momma's Day

Well, its been awhile since I posted! I know you all are just sitting in suspense of what is going on in our lives!
The most interesting thing that has recently happened is that I was privileged enough to celebrate my first mother's day! I had a wonderful day. Jonah (and Mark) treated me well. I am posting some pictures of the fun day that we had. Jonah gave me a blue topaz necklace (which is his birth stone). It is a beautiful necklace! I just love it! We went to church in the morning, ate lunch with some good friends from church and then we went to Central Park for a little while in the afternoon to hang out. 'On our way' to Central Park we stopped at my favorite cupcake bakery, Crumbs, and each got a delicious cupcake to eat while in the park. I had a wonderful day and feel extremely blessed to be Jonah's mommy. Being a mother brings me more joy than I ever knew it would. I also have come to appreciate all the hard work that my mom did over the years of raising me and my two brothers. We were very blessed to have a 'stay at home mom'. I am SO fortunate to now be a (mostly) stay at home mom. I am so thankful to have this opportunity, as I really don't want to miss even a second of little Jonah's life! He's such a sweetheart and such a blessing! So happy belated Mother's day to all the mom's out there!!!

On another note.... I have recently discovered something new that I am very excited about. I have now attended two Mommy and me exercise classes in Central Park. These classes are 'pay as you go', so there is no commitment, which is great when you have a baby (cause your schedule can quickly change). Anyways, these classes are so much fun! I take Jonah in the jogging stroller and we do a workout with the other moms that come to the class. We probably look pretty crazy, going through Central Park, doing lunges (and other various exercises) with our strollers in front of us, but its great! Its been a great way for me to get outside, meet other moms and exercise! The group that I am now taking classes with is called 'Strolla Momma's'! How great is that!! : )Maybe eventually, I will take a few pictures of us doing our crazy workouts and share them here.

Enjoy the Momma's Day pictures!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Sunday

We had to wake up a little earlier than usual to be at The Gallery Church to help with the set up. We do this once every other month or so with our small group. Mark, Jonah and I usually walk to church, which is about a 35 minute walk, but today it was raining. I was kind of glad that it was raining because that meant we would get to take a cab to church rather than walk, which ultimately meant a little more sleep. : ) Instead of it taking 35 minutes to walk to church, it took us about 10 minutes to 'cab it' to church. We ate lunch at a BBQ place close to our church in hopes that by the time we ate lunch and fed Jonah a bottle, it would stop raining and we would be able to walk home. Unfortunately, it was still raining and we had to 'cab it' home as well. When the weather is nice, we really enjoy our walk to and from church. We walk through Central Park, so its quite a pleasant walk in the morning hours.

Most of our afternoon was spent indoors, which can make one feel claustrophobic in our apartment (probably true in most NYC apartments). Our afternoon also involved Mark making a trip to several different drug stores to buy Hydrogen Peroxide.........
As many of you know we took a two week trip about a month and a half ago. While we were gone, our lovely and charming cat, Sushi, decided to use our rug as her liter box. I guess she was showing us how happy she was with us that we left her here by herself for two weeks. (Yes, we did have someone checking in on her, providing food, etc.). Anyways, the misuse of our rug left quite the unpleasant odor in our small apartment. I had already scrubbed the rug with several different carpet cleaners about 4 different times, (so I think the rug was adequately clean, but the odor remained). Today Mark decided we would give it one last ditch effort to see if he could get the stench to be completely gone... if not, the rug has to go! So Mark 'googled' to find out how to get rid of pet 'odor' out of the rug and found a formula of hydrogen peroxide + baking soda + dish soap. He had to go out and buy several bottles of hydrogen peroxide in order to have enough to make the mixture. When he came home, he announced that he believed he had bought all of the hydrogen peroxide in NYC. : ) So, Mark went to scrubbing. He is quite a goal oriented individual, so he worked diligently at this task until he was finished! So far, it seems that the odor is gone. We will have to see if this remains true over the next day or two, if not, unfortunately, we will be putting the rug on the curb. I certainly hope not since we just bought the rug since moving in this apartment.

After the rug scrubbing, we decided that the rain had let up enough for us to go on a walk. We put Jonah in his stroller with the rain cover in place and headed out. (Jonah has a clear, plastic cover that goes over his entire stroller that keeps him nice and warm and dry! We walked for about an hour. It felt so good to get out despite the not so great weather. We ended up coming home with a Crumbs cupcake. Delicious. So far, these cupcakes are the best I've had in NYC.... or anywhere for that matter.

This is how we ended our day....... hope you enjoy it even half as much as we did.