Saturday, May 23, 2009

5 months old!

Jonah is all smiles with Daddy

Very intently playing in his exersaucer

Playing with his toes!

May 18th, 2009

Jonah turned 5 months old on May 18th. How quickly this time has gone by! Every moment of it has been nothing but pure joy for me. I mean that! I never dreamed that being a mom would be this wonderful. I LOVE it! Jonah is the biggest blessing!!!!!! He makes me so happy. My heart could burst with love for him!

He had his 5 month check up on May 20th, so just a couple days after he actually turned 5 months old. He is doing great! He weighed 16lbs 12oz, which is the 75th percentile for his age and he was 27 1/2 inches long, which is the 95th percentile for his age. Mark is getting increasingly excited about the prospects of having a basketball player on our hands! : )
Above are a few pics of our 5 month old for you to enjoy.
Below are a couple more pictures of Jonah....

Jonah enjoying his oatmeal cereal and bananas!

Jonah sportin' a mohawk... he was tired, so I couldn't get him to smile.

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