Monday, April 26, 2010

Diapers! Diapers! Everywhere!

So, recently Jonah is obsessed with Diapers. Anytime he hears the word, he runs to his room and brings out a diaper. He has discovered that he can reach the supply of diapers and bring one out to us when we say, "Jonah, go get a diaper". He's so proud of himself... its pretty cute. Its nice when its time to change his diaper, but then sometimes he doesn't stop bringing us diapers. Tonight, he even brought one out without being prompted and it ended up that he did, if you get my drift, indeed, need a diaper change.

He also can reach the diaper supply from his crib. If he wakes up and I don't get into his room right away to get him up, he will have many of the diapers in his crib with him. At least it keeps him entertained for awhile. Its not too difficult of a mess to clean up, so I don't mind. Anyways, posted below are a few of the pictures of Jonah with his diapers.


Jonah loves babies. He gets so excited when we see a baby, especially one that he knows. Today I was lucky enough to get to 'babysit' for my friend, Jill. I watched her adorable 3 month old baby girl, Even. We had a good time. Jonah seemed to love having her here too. There may have been just a bit of jealousy at times, but mostly he loved giving her kisses and bringing her toys to "play" with.

At one point during the morning, Even was laying on the couch with her blanket and pacifier. Jonah was very interested in Even's blanket and pacifier. He kept wanting to take those two items from her, so eventually I went and got both of those items out of his crib. He only uses his pacifier at nap and bedtime now, but I guess seeing Even's made him want his. He also never carries his blanket around or takes it out of his crib, but I guess seeing Even with her soft, comfy blanket made him want his. So, after I brought those items out to him, he proceeded to climb up onto the couch with his pacifier in his mouth and cuddling his blanket. He laid down on the couch with Even. I thought it was pretty cute.
So, even if Mark and I aren't ready for Jonah to have a younger sibling, I think he is! :)
Below are a few pictures of the two of them on the couch together. Precious!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday mornings

It is probably not all that uncommon to love Saturday mornings, and I am definitely no exception to this! I love Saturday mornings! A typical Saturday morning for us involves a run in Central Park, then taking Jonah to a playground in the park. On the walk home we usually stop and get some coffee and a bagel or something like that.

This morning we did just those things... we ran the 6 mile loop in Central Park. I think it was toughest for Jonah. He had to stay mostly still in his stroller for 50+ minutes. He did pretty well. He had a toy, snacks, and had the entertainment of taking off his shoes and socks while in his stroller. The taking off of his shoes and socks is a pretty common occurrence while in his stroller now. Luckily the weather is warm enough now that generally I don't care. He has even been 'trained' to hand me each of his shoes and socks as he takes them off. He takes a shoe off, holds it up over his head so that I can take it from him and then follows with the sock. I think its pretty cute.

Anyways, after we went on our run, we took Jonah to a big playground in Central Park. He loves it. He just runs around everywhere and climbs on anything he can. He also loves the slides now. There is a big slide that Mark and I take turns taking him down and he LOVES it! I need to remember to bring my camera so I can take some pictures of him on it. On the way home, we stopped at our favorite local coffee shop for some bagels and coffee and then took Jonah to the playground park across the street from our apartment and let Jonah play some more. He took a great nap this afternoon!

Anyways, I decided to blog about Saturday mornings just because I love them so much. I love getting to go for a run as a family and I love just spending time with my family. Saturday mornings are so relaxing and refreshing. I am doing my best to enjoy every moment with Jonah as he is growing so quickly and always doing something new.
Here is a picture of Jonah and Mark in the park today. Its from my cell phone, so not the clearest picture, but it still turned out pretty well of the two of them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DJ and Dancer

Here is Jonah using his Leap Frog music table to be a DJ and then dance to his own tunes. He LOVES dancing. He also is quite amused by watching his parents dance... but who wouldn't be. (Sorry no video of that). Enjoy.