Monday, April 26, 2010

Diapers! Diapers! Everywhere!

So, recently Jonah is obsessed with Diapers. Anytime he hears the word, he runs to his room and brings out a diaper. He has discovered that he can reach the supply of diapers and bring one out to us when we say, "Jonah, go get a diaper". He's so proud of himself... its pretty cute. Its nice when its time to change his diaper, but then sometimes he doesn't stop bringing us diapers. Tonight, he even brought one out without being prompted and it ended up that he did, if you get my drift, indeed, need a diaper change.

He also can reach the diaper supply from his crib. If he wakes up and I don't get into his room right away to get him up, he will have many of the diapers in his crib with him. At least it keeps him entertained for awhile. Its not too difficult of a mess to clean up, so I don't mind. Anyways, posted below are a few of the pictures of Jonah with his diapers.

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