Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Today Show

My friend, Jill and I, had been talking about and planning on taking our kids down to the Today show for the Halloween Costume contest. Her idea was to dress Jonah and Even (her baby girl) as BamBam and Pebbles. I thought it was a great idea! So, We ordered their costumes from Etsy and continued making our plans.

On Thursday evening, I was in a costume shop looking for a club for BamBam to carry. I stumbled upon costumes for Betty Rubble and Wilma Flinstone. Jill and I had talked about the idea of dressing up too, but hadn't really followed through on it. I called Jill from the costume shop on Thursday and we decided to go for it with the costumes!

So, on Friday morning, Jonah and I met Jill and Even at a Starbucks (at 6:30am) to get our costumes completed and head to the Today Show audience together. Once we got to the audience area, we were just standing in the crowd. The kids were pretty good considering we were packed in like sardines trying to get our moment of fame from the Today Show audience. Jonah was insisting on being held the entire time, which was not the most fun for me, considering he is about 27lbs. My arms and back were killing me!

After we stood in the audience for about an hour, someone from the Today Show (behind the scenes) staff came and asked for Betty, Wilma, Pebbles, and BamBam! We had been chosen for the Costume contest!!! Can you believe it!!??? We couldn't either. Although we were thrilled to be chosen, it was quite obvious that our costumes did not hold a candle to the others that had been selected. You'll see what I mean when you watch the video. Anyways, much to our surprise, we DID get our moment of fame on the Today Show.

Click here to watch the video.

While we were up on the stage, during the commercial breaks, we got to talk to all of the people on the Today Show!! Ann Curry was especially interested in the children. She was very sweet and talked about how cute the kids were. We also talked to Natalie and Meredith. Al didn't talk to us so much, but that's ok. Will Ferrell and Tina Fey were the guests hosts for the Halloween show, so we got to talk to them too! They were so nice and it was so fun to be able to talk to them!! Will Ferrell is probably one of my favorite actors. I love the movie ELF! and I just love his humor!! Tina Fey offered her wrap (that her assistant was holding) to Jill in case baby Even was cold. Sweet, huh?

Anyways, the whole experience was great... well, except the first hour of standing in the audience being packed in like sardines, ... but I guess I have to say it was worth it! Now the question is, do we go to the Today Show next year for Halloween, or do we call it quits since we got lucky this year.. assuming we wouldn't get that lucky again! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

My 2nd Sewing project

Ok, so if I am completely honest, it's probably my 3rd sewing project. (You can read about my other sewing project here.)

When I was in 8th grade, like so many other girls, I took Home Economics. I actually remember really enjoying the class. I am not sure how much it paid off though, because I don't really think of myself as the ideal homemaker, but hopefully I learned something.

I do distinctly remember that our final project for the class was to sew a 'jumper' and then wear it to school... yep, you read that right, we had to wear them to school. I wish I could find a picture of me in that jumper becuase I am pretty sure I took a picture of myself that glorious morning I had to wear it. What I am more certain of is that the picture would be not only hilarious, but also quite hideous.

I remember that one of the girls in that class somehow ended up with a large hole in the side of her jumper. The teacher still made her wear the jumper to school, pretty cruel, huh? I believe she wore another dress underneath her (attempt at a) jumper dress.

Just to give you the best mental picture possible of these jumper-style dresses, keep in mind that I went to a school where we had to wear knee-length dresses, which already forced us to be unfashionable. I was in 8th grade, so it was that awkward phase of life (did I ever come out of that??) and my hair was neither curly, nor straight... it was frizzy! I still had my baby fat (not sure if I ever got rid of that either :))I found this picture of a pattern, and from what I remember, it is pretty similar to one we used in that life-changing Home Ec. class. The fabric that I used was cotton and had small flowers all over it. awesome. trendy.

So, on to the more important topic of my 3rd sewing project! Thanks to the guidance, or should I say, complete instruction of
Susan, I have accomplished a project that I am quite happy with and I would wear it to school proudly, if I could! Seriously, though, due to Susan's help, I have successfully completed this project and have also rekindled my love of sewing that was dimly lit during spring semester of 1993.

Here are a few pictures of the (nearly) completed project.

Its a car caddy to carry Jonah's matchbox cars when we are on the go. When folded out, the caddy doubles as a playmat/road for the cars. If you look closely at my sewing, you can see multiple flaws, nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the end product. Coupled with Mark's vintage matchbox cars from the 1970's, Jonah and his car caddy will travel many miles!

Stay tuned for future sewing projects! :)