Monday, October 25, 2010

My 2nd Sewing project

Ok, so if I am completely honest, it's probably my 3rd sewing project. (You can read about my other sewing project here.)

When I was in 8th grade, like so many other girls, I took Home Economics. I actually remember really enjoying the class. I am not sure how much it paid off though, because I don't really think of myself as the ideal homemaker, but hopefully I learned something.

I do distinctly remember that our final project for the class was to sew a 'jumper' and then wear it to school... yep, you read that right, we had to wear them to school. I wish I could find a picture of me in that jumper becuase I am pretty sure I took a picture of myself that glorious morning I had to wear it. What I am more certain of is that the picture would be not only hilarious, but also quite hideous.

I remember that one of the girls in that class somehow ended up with a large hole in the side of her jumper. The teacher still made her wear the jumper to school, pretty cruel, huh? I believe she wore another dress underneath her (attempt at a) jumper dress.

Just to give you the best mental picture possible of these jumper-style dresses, keep in mind that I went to a school where we had to wear knee-length dresses, which already forced us to be unfashionable. I was in 8th grade, so it was that awkward phase of life (did I ever come out of that??) and my hair was neither curly, nor straight... it was frizzy! I still had my baby fat (not sure if I ever got rid of that either :))I found this picture of a pattern, and from what I remember, it is pretty similar to one we used in that life-changing Home Ec. class. The fabric that I used was cotton and had small flowers all over it. awesome. trendy.

So, on to the more important topic of my 3rd sewing project! Thanks to the guidance, or should I say, complete instruction of
Susan, I have accomplished a project that I am quite happy with and I would wear it to school proudly, if I could! Seriously, though, due to Susan's help, I have successfully completed this project and have also rekindled my love of sewing that was dimly lit during spring semester of 1993.

Here are a few pictures of the (nearly) completed project.

Its a car caddy to carry Jonah's matchbox cars when we are on the go. When folded out, the caddy doubles as a playmat/road for the cars. If you look closely at my sewing, you can see multiple flaws, nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the end product. Coupled with Mark's vintage matchbox cars from the 1970's, Jonah and his car caddy will travel many miles!

Stay tuned for future sewing projects! :)


  1. That is so super cute! I wish we lived near each other so that we could sew together...or you could sew for me since I don't really sew at all:)
    And please please find the picture of yourself in that jumper.

  2. That is awesome and so super cute! BTW, I'm pretty sure I had a jumper from the same pattern back in the day.