Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So after about 3 months of living in our "new" apartment, I finally have the apartment in order enough to post some pics on the blog. There's still a few things I'd like to do to the place, but who knows if I'll ever get them done. The important thing now is that it is feeling like home!

Here are the pictures of the place...with a few of Jonah thrown in... had to make it a little more interesting! Enjoy

Jonah 'cheesin' for me in the kitchen (nearly 21 months old)

Kitchen (duh)

Desk in entry way

View from Front Door

View out of Living Room window

View of LR from opposite side of Living room

Jonah on Mother's Day 2009 (almost 5 months old)

Jonah today at the playground. "Cheese!" (nearly 21 months old)

More of the LR

Bathroom... I know you were just dying to see my toilet

Bathroom wall, yup, you were dying to see that too...

Jonah in early spring 2010 on our trip to Poughkipsee (15 months old)

One more of the bathroom for ya!

Jonah's room.... notice, I finally got the book sling installed!

Still has the 'Bee Happy' theme in his room, but it probably won't stay around too much longer.

Jonah chillin' in his room drinking his juice (20 months old)

Jonah in late May 2009, 5 months old... how did he get so big so quickly!!?? seriously!! Where did that baby go??

Our bedroom... it was really hard to get pics of our bedroom, so it looks like all we have in there is a bed.. that's close to being true, but we do have a dresser and our nightstands in there too, you just can't really tell in these pictures.


One more pic of the bedroom.

Jonah in early March 2009, 2.5 months old

We are enjoying our 'new', bigger apartment. The extra room to run and play has been great for Jonah. We are all happy and thankful! Come visit so you can see it in person!

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