Saturday, June 19, 2010

We were excited to discover that there are sprinklers in the enclosed courtyard of our new building. We let Jonah play in the water the other afternoon and he loved it! Much more fun to come!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I apologize in advance because this post will probably be somewhat boring to most of you.....
We recently had to send our cat, Sushi, to Georgia to live with my parents. There were various factors that went into this decision, I won't bore you with all the details, but if you've ever met Sushi, you know why. She is not the friendliest cat you've ever met.

Well, even though she is not friendly to all, she is friendly and loving to me. I have had a really hard time sending her away. I have always loved animals, especially cats, so I did not want to send her away. Yes, I know she is with my parents, but I still felt horrible for some reason.
I was probably over emotional about her departure due to lack of adequate sleep and other stressful events going on in my life (such as moving). Nonetheless, it was quite stressful and emotional for me to put her on the plane to Atlanta.

I decided to write this blog so that those of you who have met Sushi and mistook her for the devil can have a little glimpse of what she was like when there were no 'strangers' around. She was sweet and loving, and yes, very lazy. I know it's hard (for Mark) to believe, but I do miss her!!

The great news is she is with my parents and they are taking wonderful care of her! My Dad is the animal whisperer, so she will be best friends with him in no time. Enjoy the pics of our sassy cat!

Lincoln Park Zoo

Jonah and I tagged along on Mark's business trip to Chicago. We are having a great time. It's nice to be out of NYC, even if we are in another city.
Yesterday, we walked from our hotel up to the Lincoln Park Zoo (about a 30 minute walk). It's a free zoo and it was really nice. The first part that we came to was the Farm Exhibit. Jonah loved it. He got to pet some goats, he wasn't scared at all! He also loved the John Deere tractors that were there for the kids to play on and see.

Our good friends, Whitney and Ella, let us borrow their Uppa baby stroller while we are in town. It has been great! Jonah has really enjoyed riding in it. You can see in one of the pictures how he has been sitting forward in the stroller to be able to see all the animals at the zoo(so cute!)It has been nice to have a more durable stroller (more durable than the umbrella stroller we would've brought with us)while we are here since we have been doing so much walking.

Below are some various pictures from our day yesterday.... Jonah petting the goats, playing around the John Deere tractors, in the borrowed stroller, and drinking from his elephant cup that we bought at the zoo. He loved the elephant cup... it may have been his favorite part of the zoo. Enjoy the pictures!