Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lincoln Park Zoo

Jonah and I tagged along on Mark's business trip to Chicago. We are having a great time. It's nice to be out of NYC, even if we are in another city.
Yesterday, we walked from our hotel up to the Lincoln Park Zoo (about a 30 minute walk). It's a free zoo and it was really nice. The first part that we came to was the Farm Exhibit. Jonah loved it. He got to pet some goats, he wasn't scared at all! He also loved the John Deere tractors that were there for the kids to play on and see.

Our good friends, Whitney and Ella, let us borrow their Uppa baby stroller while we are in town. It has been great! Jonah has really enjoyed riding in it. You can see in one of the pictures how he has been sitting forward in the stroller to be able to see all the animals at the zoo(so cute!)It has been nice to have a more durable stroller (more durable than the umbrella stroller we would've brought with us)while we are here since we have been doing so much walking.

Below are some various pictures from our day yesterday.... Jonah petting the goats, playing around the John Deere tractors, in the borrowed stroller, and drinking from his elephant cup that we bought at the zoo. He loved the elephant cup... it may have been his favorite part of the zoo. Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I didn't realize you guys were out of town till yesterday. Erin kept the twins for me for a few hours this morning. Enjoy Chicago!

  2. Looks like the Lincoln Park Zoo trip was lots of fun and especially since it was free! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and details about it. Hope the Chicago trip was a great oasis before the chaos of moving! We love you all!