Monday, April 26, 2010


Jonah loves babies. He gets so excited when we see a baby, especially one that he knows. Today I was lucky enough to get to 'babysit' for my friend, Jill. I watched her adorable 3 month old baby girl, Even. We had a good time. Jonah seemed to love having her here too. There may have been just a bit of jealousy at times, but mostly he loved giving her kisses and bringing her toys to "play" with.

At one point during the morning, Even was laying on the couch with her blanket and pacifier. Jonah was very interested in Even's blanket and pacifier. He kept wanting to take those two items from her, so eventually I went and got both of those items out of his crib. He only uses his pacifier at nap and bedtime now, but I guess seeing Even's made him want his. He also never carries his blanket around or takes it out of his crib, but I guess seeing Even with her soft, comfy blanket made him want his. So, after I brought those items out to him, he proceeded to climb up onto the couch with his pacifier in his mouth and cuddling his blanket. He laid down on the couch with Even. I thought it was pretty cute.
So, even if Mark and I aren't ready for Jonah to have a younger sibling, I think he is! :)
Below are a few pictures of the two of them on the couch together. Precious!

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