Wednesday, May 26, 2010


As of late, Jonah is wanting to do more and more on his own. Obviously, this is a good thing,.... but sometimes a messy thing.

The first two pictures of Jonah having breakfast sitting on the couch. I sometimes let him sit on the couch for breakfast... He thinks he is big stuff when he gets to do this because this is where Mommy and Daddy sit for all meals at home (since we don't have any sort of table to sit at in our ity-bity-teeny-weeny nyc apartment -- but that is hopefully soon to change -- ) so, anyways, here he is enjoying his Eggo waffle and milk on the couch this morning.

The last two pictures are of Jonah feeding himself his yogurt. He really likes to feed himself now and sometimes it can be messy, but he loves doing it and is so proud of himself. Sometimes he even stops in between bites and claps for himself.

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