Tuesday, January 15, 2013

11 months

The months are flying by! Annabelle is nearly a year old and I don't know where the time has gone!

Weight: 17 pounds (at a sick visit around the age of 11 months)

Sleeping habits: Annabelle is taking 2 naps/day. One around 9:30, for an hour or so, and the other around 2 for about 2 hours. She is a pretty good nap taker and I am not ready for her to give up her morning nap! She is still not sleeping fully through the night. I know I really need to work on this, but it is hard! Until we are ready, I will still just get up and nurse her in the night. She is usually pretty quick and will go right back to sleep. With that said, it is still disruption in sleep for both of us, so it has to come to an end eventually. Annabelle uses her paci to fall asleep but then it falls out of her mouth and she doesn't really seem to use it. She is a tummy sleeper for the most part and of course is always precious when she sleeps!

Eating habits: Annabelle is eating 3 solid meals/day and is also still nursing 4-5 times in a 24 hour period. She is still on the small side, so the pediatrician said to let her snack often. She is not as picky as her older brother, but apparently she is not eating enough! She likes crackers, applesauce, veggie patties, peas, rice, chicken, yogurt. Sometimes she will be picky and not want a certain food, but generally she is easier to please than her brother... although, he is getting much better.

New discoveries: Annabelle is all over the house now... she scoots to find her brother in the playroom and then will scoot back to the kitchen to find me. She loves to be playing with whatever her older brother is playing with. She really likes music and seems to bop her head whenever she hears it. She is still saying 'DaDa', has also started saying 'bye bye' and waves her hand when she sees someone and when she says goodbye. She still is a bit clingy to mommy, but is maybe getting slightly better about letting others hold her. She is usually happy when mommy is not in sight, but the moment I come in the room, she fusses till she gets to me.

Places I went: No major trips during this month. We did celebrate Annabelle's first Thanksgiving. We had about 22 people here at our house for the meal. Our dear family friends, the Nawyns (&Wilson's) were here with us. We had a great time and it was so fun to be able to celebrate in our new home!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am excited to soon be celebrating Annabelle's first birthday, but there is a bit of sadness or sentimentality there as well, as I will no longer technically have a baby. She will be out of infancy and into toddler-hood... which bring mixed emotions. What a joy you are sweet Annabelle!

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