Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 months

So I am a bit behind on my monthly blogs for Annabelle. Time has really been flying by!!

At 10 months I had to take Annabelle to the ENT doctor to have a check up for her laryngomalacia. We did not have a regular well baby check up for 10 months, but because of the ENT check up, we were able to get an 'official' weight. Her weight was 16lbs on the nose when we went to the ENT. Thankfully, everything checked out great at the ENT. We had to have her hearing test redone because she had never fully passed her newborn hearing screen. Thankfully she easily passed. Yay!

Sleeping habits:
Sweet Annabelle still likes to see her mommy in the middle of the night. She is just a night owl, I suppose :) She is taking 2 naps during the day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. She naps anywhere from 1-3 hours. She is a pretty good nap taker and that gives mommy a good break.

Eating habits:
As Annabelle gets older, she will have less and less to do with any food that is not just regular food that she sees everyone else eating. She likes to be independent and feed herself. She is not as picky as her brother when it comes to things she will eat, but she is picky about how they are served to her... like does not want things in little peices, but would rather have the large peice of bread just like everyone else. She loves applesauce, yogurt, waffles, and she likes veggie patties, (kind of like veggie burgers). She will eat pretty much anything I am eating and often will only take bites from a regular sized fork or spoon, not the baby ones. She definitely has an indpendent streak in her :)

New discoveries:
Annabelle is still not crawling. She is scooting more and more. She gets where she wants to go for sure! She is babbling more and more. Says 'DaDa' quite often. Will also make other sounds like 'Ba' and occassionally 'Ma'. She smiles a lot and is generally a happy girl. She has 4 teeth on the bottom now, but no top teeth. I am sure we will be working on those soon enough! She has started getting up to a sitting position from a lying position quite easily and confidently now. She will often be sitting up in her crib when i come in to get her out after a nap or in the morning. Annabelle likes to clap, she also does the signs for 'more' and 'all done'. We are working on a few other signs as well.

Places I went:
No major trips between months 9-10. We were busy here at home getting ready for the holidays. We were enjoying our regular schedule of taking big brother to school, having some mommy and Annabelle time and then getting to pick big brother up at 1pm. Annabelle loves her big brother and is always excited to see him, especially when we pick him up from school.

Annabelle is a momma's girl. She will be perfectly content for someone that is watching her, such as my mom or aunt, or Neely... they will say she was happy and playing and hardly fussed while I was gone, but the moment I come in the door, she will start fussing and reaching for me. I am not sure why she thinks she needs to fuss for me, but she does. I love that she feels so attached to me. I love her to pieces and wouldn't have it any other way!

I am having trouble uploading pictures to this blog post, so I am going to go ahead and post this without pictures and I will try to post a 10 month picture later. :(
10 months!

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