Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jonah turns 5!

It is very sad to say that it has been nearly a year since I have updated my blog. Goodness a lot happens in a year. It has been a great year. We are happy, healthy, and enjoying life. I can't believe that Jonah has turned 5. He will be starting kindergarten in the fall. wowsers. I know all parents seem to say this, but really, where has the time gone? I am excited for him, but at the same time I am kind of sad for him... or maybe I am sad for me. I am not sure which. Jonah will love school, there is no doubt. He loves going to preschool and on the days he does not go, he asks me why he is not there.

Jonah turned 5 on December 18. The day he was born in NYC was a beautiful snowy day. It was so great to have a view of the snowy city out of our hospital room. That is something I will never forget... it made the day(s) of welcoming Jonah into the world seem a bit more magical... if that is possible.

Jonah is a child full of life, full of love. He really is such a loving child. He will stop what he is doing, if he is in the middle of playing, run to find me, tell me "I love you, Mommy!" and then run back to continue what he was doing. so stinkin' sweet. My life is better, much richer, much more complete because he is in it.

In this past year, we were able to take a trip out west to several national parks. We had a great time (maybe I can blog about that trip sometime).... During this trip, it was so great to see Jonah really love exploring the great outdoors. He has since talked so fondly of the hikes and adventures we went on. He was able to play on an organized sports team for the first time. It took him a little bit of time to get fully engaged, but by the end of the season he really seemed to enjoy playing soccer. He is asking to play again. He will be playing t-ball this spring. We are all looking forward to that adventure.

Jonah's latest obsession is spiderman. He also still really likes Toy Story. He is getting into legos. He says he wants to be a fireman when he grows up (that is, if the position for spiderman is not an option). He loves watching movies, loves dancing to music and loves playing with Daddy in the evenings when he gets home from work. He is an awesome, I mean, awesome, big brother. Annabelle adores him and I believe the feeling is mutual. I just pray that this relationship will continue to stay so sweet. He loves his friends, and his family.

I am so proud to be his mother. What a true blessing from the Lord children are!!

So, finally, on to the party for Jonah. He basically wanted a repeat party from his 4 year old party, so that is what we did. The party was at Catch Air and he invited several friends. Friends from school, the neighborhood, and a couple of friends from other places. He had a blast. I will post some pictures below from the party, etc.

                                          Dance Party with Buzz Light Year
                                          Jonah and his friend Kinsley
                                          group shot with Buzz
                                           awesome and yummy cupcakes!
                                          Birthday boy! Can't believe he is 5!!
                                           Cassadie and Jonah. These 2 are buddies.
                                          Jonah and Ian
                                         Annabelle had fun at her "Bubba's" party too!
                                          Family Birthday celebration at home.
                                         We sent him on a scavenger hunt to find his bike!
                                         He chose a Christmas tree cupcake on the day of his
                                         actual birthday.
                                         The theme for the birthday dinner at home was "all-
                                         American" dinner b/c Jonah requested macaroni and cheese as the meal, so
                                         I added a few other very american foods and had out my 4th of July decorations

Happy Birthday to my loved and adored Jonah Samuel. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you.... more than my mind can possibly imagine or dream I am sure. Your future looks so bright. I am so blessed and so thankful for you.

A few more random pictures:
                                         Jonah on one of our hikes on vacation
                                           My little stud muffin

                                                Mama's boy
                                           Snuggle buddy
                                                    Jonah in his soccer uniform
                                          caught on camera -- he's an awesome big brother
5 amazing years.

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