Monday, September 28, 2009

NINE months!

9 Months old!
Playing in his room

Getting into something he shouldn't be getting in to!

Watching Sesame Street! :)

Jonah had his 9 month check up last week before we left on our trip for Maine. He did great! He got 2 shots, a fingerstick, and a TB skin test. He didn't even cry for the fingerstick or TB skin test,.... but he did cry for the shots. I can't blame him though! Shots hurt!

Jonah is trying to stay on top of the growth chart.... at least in the height category. He is 31 inches tall, which is above the 100th percentile! Wow! We're gonna have a bball player for sure.. or at least that is what his daddy is hoping! Jonah now weighs 20lbs 8ounces, 50th percentile, so he is just about average in weight. The pediatrician said it well... he's perfectly proportioned.. who doesn't want to be tall and thin??

Above are a few recent pictures of Jonah. You can check him out now that he's 9 months old. He is growing so quickly! Its amazing how much a baby changes and grows in their first year.

He's getting into everything! He's crawling, cruising! He loves pulling out all the DVD's from the entertainment center and loves getting his hands on cell phones and remote controls. He also has two teeth on the bottom!

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