Saturday, October 3, 2009

To cut or not to cut......

To cut or not to cut... that was the question. Well, we decided to cut! I was a little nervous about this, but I am so glad we went ahead and got Jonah's hair cut! It looks so cute. Not that he wasn't cute before, obviously, but I really like the neat trimmed look in the back. He definitely looks a little more boyish and a little less babyish. He's just growing up too fast!
Jonah did really well during the hair cut. He did move around a little, but there were plenty of distractions. He sat in a seat that was a little play car and had a steering wheel. He also watched an Elmo video, although he wasn't really paying any attention to it. We blew bubbles for him, which did entertain him a little, but the thing that really got his attention was Mark talking to him and showing him the Elmo DVD case. Mark would open it really slowly and say 'look Jonah, what's inside................(open slowly)......................absolutely nothing!' then Jonah would just sit there and watch him do it again. Isn't that funny! ?
Well, here are a few pictures of the grand event! The place we got his hair cut even gave us a little certificate and a lock of his baby hair. How precious... something for the baby book.

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