Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Storage unit

This past weekend we borrowed a car from some of our friends and headed out to our storage unit in East Hanover, NJ. Oh the joy! What a good excuse to get out of the city, right? We have to store our 'off season' clothes in the storage unit because we don't have enough room in our apartment. We only have two closets in the apartment (including the pantry, which serves as a pantry, coat closet and storage area), so needless to say, there is not much room for access clothing.

Since we were headed to the storage unit, we decided to take Jonah's baby swing and put it in the storage unit. This is sad, I know, he's not using the swing anymore... he literally outgrew it! So, off we went to the storage unit. Of course, we managed to make time for some non-NYC things, like Panera Bread, Chick-fil-a, and a regular suburban-style mall. Oh the little things in life! :)

Well, anyways, while we were at the not so well organized and overstuffed storage unit, I wasn't sure what we were going to do with Jonah. He would scream if we left him in his car seat during the time it took us to rumage through the 'junk' in the unit and find what we needed. We didn't have a stroller with us because we were planning to buy a new one later in the day, and I didn't love the idea of Jonah crawling around on the concrete floor of the Public Storage facility (although I'm sure he would have totally loved it). So, how convenient that we had the swing with us. Jonah sat and played in his swing for the last time (tear, sniff, sniff) in the 'hallway' of the storage unit. Here's a picture to document the "fun".

Unfortunately, we somehow managed to forget to get our winter coats while we were at the storage unit. I believe we did make it home with all the winter clothes, but no coats! How could we forget such an important item? From the picture, you probably get the idea that our storage unit is highly organized... well, think again.... so really, its not too surprising that we forgot the winter coats, they were probably barried under one of a million items we have stored there. I guess we'll have to make another trip out of the city in the near future. (sarcastic tear, sniff, sniff).

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