Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Well, my love for NYC may be short lived. Not really, but today we went out and about and being in the crowds makes me not **love** this place. Well, its not even so much that there are lots of people (although I would rather not be in large crowds of people) its the way that individuals in the large crowds of people act!

We went down to Macy's today. That was the first mistake. The problem is Macy's has great deals on baby clothes, especially when there is a sale. Going to Macy's on a sale day with a baby stroller, 2nd mistake. Going to the world's largest department store on a sale day with a baby stroller... HUGE mistake! Anyways, the Macy's in NYC, if you have not been to it, is QUITE large. It is indeed the world's largest department store. It is multiple, multiple floors... 10, I think. The store itself takes up nearly a whole city block. There are a bzillion people in the store at any given time, especially on the day there is a one day sale, especially on the weekend.

The main problem that we have is that at Macy's we MUST take the elevator to get from one floor to the next. There are escalators and I am sure there are stairs somewhere, which if we had to we could use, but carrying a stroller with a baby in it up to the 7th floor of a building is not the easiest thing to do. Anyways, Mark and I both get BEYOND aggravated because all the bzillions of people that are also at Macy's think that they MUST take the elevator too... when in fact, they do not. The escalator is right around the corner,, and c'mon, how much effort does it take to ride up an escalator? This is soooo frustrating b/c there are like 10 elevators and when one is opening up for people to get on, everyone rushes over to it. Most of the people rushing over to the elevator are able bodied people WITHOUT strollers who could easily take the escalator, but choose not to. These people do NOT care that we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for an elevator and just run over in front of us and get on the elevator. Smiling at us as the door shuts and thinking... guess y'all can catch the next one. When, what they don't realize(or maybe they do) is the exact same thing will happen with the next elevator. We really have had people cut us off, cut in front of us to get on the elevator with absolutely no regard to the fact that we have no other option but to take the elevator. Why? why? why? do these people do this? Is it really that hard to take the escalator?? Does this happen anywhere else in America or is it just in NYC? Where are these people's mothers that should have taught them to be a little more courteous? Seriously, its maddening! Today I had a lady come into the elevator while I was trying to get off with the stroller and block my way so that I couldn't get off. I had to restrain myself from running over her with the stroller. Isn't it common courtesy to let the people off the elevator before getting on? When people are acting this way... I often think to myself... 'Are you kidding me'? I just can't believe that people act so selfishly and without regard of others. At the same time, I try to let this be a reminder of how much the world, the people of NYC need God's love. If I do not show God's love to them by being courteous as He would be, how will they ever see or come to know God's love. Every chance to display God's love counts.

Sorry to ramble on about this. I just had to vent b/c it was a very frustrating experience. Note to self... do not go to Macy's on the weekend with a stroller.

I will be back to my normal self soon and post happy, enjoyable things about Jonah and our fun times together. Thanks for letting me vent though.... and please remind me never to return to Macy's on the weekend with the stroller.

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  1. Ok Melcy, I have been told by many of my friends from up north about southern hospitality. I think what you experience in NYC may be unique to NYC. Of course the woman who barged onto the elevator before you got off was completely incorrect. Everyone knows that rule if they have a slight bit of training. I would have probably kept on moving right into her. And, I would have probably pushed right onto the elevator with all the people jumping ahead of me..getting on. I wonder if this happens in LA or Miami? I sort of think NOT!! It doesn't happen to me here is slow, behind the times ATLANTA. Someone who moved here from Dallas recently, described ATL. as behind the times. Evidently, Dallas is very progressive and out there! I wonder if they act the same way in Dallas as NYC. We should do some research on this!!! So, I was at Macy's at Lenox last week and it felt sort of empty. We need more philosophical discussion on this topic.