Friday, March 18, 2011

Weeping Rock and Emerald Pools

I'm way behind on getting these posts up about our trip. We stayed at a hotel for 2 nights in Vegas and we didn't have WiFi in the room, so that really hindered my blogging ability. Then, the next night in Death Valley we got into the hotel late and I was too sleepy, so didn't get any blogging done that night either. SO, I am going to try to get caught up. We're in Yosemite now, and will be till tomorrow morning, so I am going to work on getting caught up. I will post the actual date of when these things occured at the top of each post....

Monday, March 14th

The stay at Desert Pearl Inn was great! It was such a fabulous little Inn. If you ever go to Zion National Park, we highly recommend it! Something that made it even more fabulous in Mark’s opinion is that their little cafĂ© served Starbucks coffee. He was quite thankful for that little blessing!
After our breakfast and fueling up on caffeinated beverages up for the day, we headed out to hike. The first hike we did was a short one, called Weeping Rock. I guess it was called Weeping Rock because the rock was kind of crying. It was like sprinkling rain from the rock, from a water supply up above.
The second hike we did was the longer one of the two. It was about a 3 mile round trip. This hike took us to 3 different water falls. It was a very pretty hike and was quite enjoyable. There was one area of the hike that was very muddy. I tried to capture the extent of the mud we had to walk through, but its hard to get the full idea through the picture, but I’ll post it below anyways. Jonah did really well in the pack again. He seemed to enjoy himself and was very patient with all the hiking we did.

Below are some pictures of our hikes…

Me & Jonah on the hike to Weeping Rock

The larger waterfall at Weeping Rock

Amazing view near Weeping Rock

Another amazing view from Weeping Rock

Starting out on our hike to Emerald Pools

The muddy path we had to walk through

We let Jonah out of the backpack for a break and he wanted to climb up on the rocks with Daddy :)

Mark and Jonah at the 3rd and highest falls at Emerald Pools

Water fall on Emerald Pools hike

Beautiful view on Emerald Pools hike

After our hike, we went back into Springdale for lunch. We ate at a little Mexican place that was pretty good. We then decided to rent bikes with a bike trailer for Jonah to sit in. We went riding through Zion National Park for about 2 hours. We were able to ride on a trail that was designated for biking/walking/running. It was quite enjoyable and it was fun to get to bike in such unbelievable scenery. Jonah did well in the bike trailer. He did say he wanted to get out every now and then, but for the most part enjoyed himself. On our bike ride, we stopped by the visitor’s center of Zion, let Jonah run around some and picked up a few postcards, etc. while we were there.

Mark on his bike with Jonah in the trailer... can't really see Jonah too well though

This is a stellar picture of me -- at least the view is good :)

Jonah being adorable in the bike helmet

Jonah playing around on the 'steps' at the Visitor's Center

By the time we got done with the biking, it was getting close to 5pm. Jonah hadn’t had a nap for the day, so he was definitely exhausted. We hopped back in the car to head to Vegas, which took about 2.5 hours or so. Jonah slept for a majority of the trip. We arrived in Vegas, grabbed some dinner and then checked into our hotel.


  1. These pictures bring back memories from a trip Allen & I did - some of the same hikes. So happy you are able to get out with Jonah and enjoy God's Creation! Zion and Bryce are two of the greatest places we have been. We even stayed at the Desert Pearl! Enjoy the remainder of your trip. I sure enjoyed reading your blog.


    Deborah Kilgore

  2. Thanks Deborah! That's cool that yall stayed at the Desert Pearl Inn... it is great, isn't it?? I can definitely imagine you and Allen enjoying these parks out here! Great to hear from you!