Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Trwee Urt Me!"

This is a quick story I forgot to include in the blog about our first two days....As you could see in the previous pictures, Jonah was riding up high on Mark's back in the pack. When we started out on the 3 mile hike yesterday, Mark accidentally let a tree branch brush up against Jonah. It did't leave a mark on Jonah or anything, but he cried. I think more than anything it startled and scared him. For the next little bit Jonah was crying and saying "Trwee Urt Me!!" (Tree hurt me!) He was scared that another branch was going to hit him in the face and scratch him and hurt him. He was actually quite scared and really wanted out of the pack.
Initially, this was a bit frustrating for me and Mark. We thought that we had ruined our chances of getting any hiking in with Jonah in the pack. We ended up getting Jonah down out of the pack in a flat, safer area and talking to him about the trees and how Mark didn't mean to let it hit him and we would make sure that no more trees would hit him or hurt him. Eventually, Jonah agreed to get back in the pack and give it another try. By the end of the hike, which Jonah ended up loving, Jonah was randomly shouting "Trwee No Urt Me!!" (translation: The tree doesn't hurt me!!)

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