Sunday, March 13, 2011

Canyon Overlook Hike

This morning we relaxed for a little while in our hotel in Bryce Canyon. We then packed up and headed to Zion National Park. The drive was incredibly scenic and we even saw some antelope in the countryside along the way.

We came straight into the park and went on a mile long hike to get to a view point to see the canyon. The hike was beautiful, mostly straight up on the way there and down on the way back. There were many friendly people along the way on the hike. Zion National Park is apparently much more visited than Bryce Canyon National Park, especially this time of year. So, we saw a lot more people on the hike today than we did on the 3 mile hike yesterday.

Along the hike, our paths crossed with Barb and Norm. They were very friendly, they offered to take our picture for us. We talked to them a little bit and learned that they had wanted to come visit the National Parks out west for a long time, but never had enough time off of work to do it when they were younger. Norm was in the military and they moved all around for many years. So, they decided to come to the parks now, even though they were older. They said a lot of their friends and family thought they were crazy for taking this trip. They were so cute and so excited about their trip and adventures. I was quite impressed with them, hiking up this trail. It was only a mile long, but it wasn't the easiest hike, especially for someone their age. They held hands much of the way and were helping each other along. I told them how I was impressed with them and Barb said, "He has to do a lot of pullin', but I eventually make it all the way up!" She seemed pretty proud of herself, and she definitely should be. They took pictures of us on their camera and got our email address (using their iphone) so they could email us they pictures. They were so cute!! I hope I'm hiking like them in 40 years!

After our hike, we came to our hotel, The Desert Pearl Inn. It is a great place and we have a great view from our little balcony out back. Jonah loves playing on the balcony... don't worry, he can't fall off. There's a little river running behind the hotel and behind that are the beautiful mountains of Zion National Park. Stunning.

I was able to get a run in this afternoon... ran from our hotel into Zion Park. It was a beautiful run. We walked into Springdale for dinner. Its the same town our hotel is in. We ate at a great little pizza place. The weather has been perfect today. If the day wasn't already great enough, to top it off, UK won the SEC tournament. :) Here are some pictures of our day today.

Antelope we saw along the roadside on the drive to Zion National Park

Entrance to Zion National Park

Early part of the 1 mile hike

Barb and Norm on the hike :)

Barb and Norm at the top of the hike!

View at the top

Another view at the top of the hike

Jonah enjoying the view at Canyon Overlook

Mark and Jonah at the top of the hike

Gorgeous view of Zion Canyon

On the way back down... a more challenging part of the hike for Mark.. he had to duck down in order to make sure Jonah's head didn't hit against the rocks in this passageway.

Scenic view in Zion

Desert Pearl Inn - There are more hotel rooms in the back, you can't really see them from this picture, but you can see the view we have from the balcony off of our room!

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  1. Meem. Thanks so much for sharing this. It's so cool to see what you guys are up to. However, you are making me jealous! Be safe.