Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Be Cawefuu Daddy!"

You know the $1 section at Target? Well, Jonah loves rummaging through that section of stuff. Most of it is junk, and thankfully most of it is not breakable, so its ok to let him rumage through it. Occasionally, you can happen upon something good in there!!

As we left Vegas and headed for Death Valley, we stopped by Target to get a few things we needed. Jonah was quickly distracted by the $1 isles. He found a selection of Elmo and Sesame Street themed books. One of the books he found was entitled, "Be Careful Abby!". It quickly became apparent that we would not be leaving Target without this book and another book with Cookie Monster's picture on the front of it. "Be Careful Abby" talks about times when Abby should be careful (pretty obvious, I know). So, we read that book a couple of times on our ride down to Death Valley. He is really into Abby and Elmo... well, really all of the other characters on Sesame Street too for that matter. He really enjoyed these two $1 finds. It also became apparent that Jonah was really listening and understanding when I read "Be Careful Abby" to him.

We were on our hike of the Mosaic Canyon in Death valley and as we were climbing over rocks, Jonah exclaimed, "Be cawefuu Daddy! (be careful daddy). It was so cute! Throughout the hike, at various times, he would say this to either me or Mark as we hiked and climbed along. I guess a combination of reading that book and a nervous Mommy who had probably been saying a similar phrase somewhat frequently (to Mark) on previous hikes had an influence on Jonah.

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