Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jonah rolls over!

I am also posting a video of Jonah rolling over. He finally decided it was time to roll over and I caught it on video : ) I posted it on facebook too, but I realize that some of you who read my blog do not have facebook, so you can watch the video here instead. ENJOY!

Ah... I almost forgot. Two other pictures I am going to post.. One is of Jonah in his crib. We found him like this the other moring. It was the first time he had really moved around much in his sleep. I'm sure it will probably be the first of many times that we will find him sleeping in a position that we did not leave him in. I am also posting a picture of Jonah's cousins on the Probst side, as requested by my Dad. They are all so cute and we just love the times we get to spend with them.

Elizabeth, Addison, Jonah and Maxwell

1 comment:

  1. so cute! he looks like a probst i think:)
    ada hated her cereal at first too....she refused it for a long time.
    he'll take it eventually.
    i love your blog...
    and you are still running? i use the jogging stroller too, but now cambel has to ride his bike with me. or i just wait until kevin gets home and i can run by myself.
    it is so great to see your life, so keep posting.
    love, maria