Monday, April 20, 2009

4 months old

It's hard to believe, but Jonah is already 4 months old! Every moment has been such pure joy! Time has really flown,.... just like everyone has said it would.

Jonah had his 4 month check up today. He is healthy and growing 'like a weed'! His weight is now 15lbs 7oz., which is in the 75th percentile for his age, and his height is 26 1/2 inches, which is the 95th percentile for his age. His daddy already has plans for him to become a basketball player. At the appointment we discussed the introduction of oatmeal cereal into Jonah's diet... so I will probably be doing that in the next couple of days. I'll let you all know how it goes! : )

Jonah also got some immunizations today. He received one oral immunization and 3 injections. Ouch! He did cry when he got the shots, but as soon as I picked him up, he quit crying. Ahhh....soothing my crying baby, what a great feeling!
The pediatrician also believes that he's probably already in the beginning stages of teething. He is constantly gnawing on his fingers and hands and has been a bit more fussy than usual lately. So, this could be him getting ready for those first teeth to cut through. Since being home, I have given him infants' Tylenol and rubbed some baby oragel on his gums... he has taken a long nap since, so hopefully he will wake up bright eyed! The pictures I am uploading today are pictures of him the day after he turned 4 months old. Enjoy.

After the pediatrician appointment, Jonah and I walked back home, which is close to 20 blocks.... takes us about 25 minutes. We were in a hurry to get back because we had a little job that needed to be done. Unfortunately, we were unable to successfully accomplish this job! First, let me back up and give you a little background information........
As some of you know, Mark and I sold both of our cars before moving to NYC. So, we walk, ride the bus, subway or taxi everywhere we go. We currently have a rental car for the week. We have this rental car because this evening we will be leaving to drive to Meadville, Pennsylvania to attend the visitation and funeral from Mark's Grandmother, Lorraine. (As a side note, we are saddened by her death, but rejoice that she is now with her Creator and Savior in Heaven).

Well, because we have a rental car, we had to have somewhere to park it for about 24 hours before we leave for Meadville. Mark found a side street spot, which is free, but there is a catch.... on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am-12:30pm you must move your car IF the street cleaner comes by. Well, what most people do is just go sit in their car for that hour and a half time block and wait to see if the street cleaner car comes. If the street cleaner car comes, you move your car over for a second, let it go by and then move back into your free parking spot.

Jonah's appointment took longer than it should have, so I was rushing to get to the rental car in order to move it IF the street cleaner car were to come by... well, I was late... and as I rounded the corner towards the car, the street cleaner car passed me. SO, we got a parking ticket! Uggh!If only I could have been there 5 minutes earlier, well, maybe 10 minutes earlier since it would have taken me several minutes to get Jonah's car seat in the car, the stroller collapsed and in the trunk and then myself into the car ready to drive. I was somewhat looking forward to this hypothetical experience because then I could have said that I drove in NYC for the first time (although it would've only been a 20 foot drive). Well, instead I can say that I got a parking ticket in NYC!!!


  1. Melissa, Jonah is absolutely precious!

  2. Melissa,

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful blog, so that we can all have a glimpse into your NYC life! I love reading your stories are a great writer!!! Love and miss you!!