Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pennsylvania trip

We had a nice trip to Meadville, PA despite the somber circumstances. We left on Monday evening after Mark got off work and we drove part of the way that night. We drove the remaining 2-3 hours on Tuesday morning. Mark's parents and extended family were waiting for us to arrive at Mark's Grandmother's house (where everyone was congregating before the funeral services). Mark's parents were able to meet their grandson for the first time. Since they live in Tokyo, Japan they were not able to come visit when Jonah was born back in December. It was an exciting moment to get to introduce Jonah to them in person for the first time. It was nice to be with Mark's entire family. We had a great time visiting with his uncles, cousins, sisters and all the family that was there. We don't get to see them very often, so although the circumstances to bring us together were not the most cheerful, we had a nice time. Its too bad that it takes a funeral to make us take a break from our busy lives and spend time with family. I wish it wasn't this way. (I've posted a couple of pictures of the family and of Jonah's first meeting with his grandparents.)

Grandma Probst's visitation, funeral, and burial service went well. It really was a celebration of her life. The central theme for all the services was that Lorraine LOVED Jesus. It was inspiring and I hope that it is something that will one day be said of me at my funeral.

We arrived back in NYC on Thursday evening. We had the rental car for the week, so we had to find a place on the street to park it. Luckily, we were able to find a place on our street! Our street has the 'No Parking' for an hour and a half on Fridays in case the street cleaner car chooses to come. SO, on Friday morning from 11-12:30 Jonah and I had to go sit in the car just in case the street cleaner car decided to come. (In order to avoid getting another parking ticket.) Well, I fed Jonah a bottle in the car, played with him, read him a book.... then the street cleaner car came! I jumped up in the front seat, moved the car over to the right side of the road (its a one way street), then moved it up about 100 feet and back over to the left side of the road to park it. I can now officially say that I have driven in NYC!! and I can say that I've gotten a parking ticket in NYC, but that's nothing to brag about! : ) I am happy to say that I avoided the parking ticket the second time around!

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