Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yay for visitors!

I am long overdue for an update on the blog, so here ya go!
The past two weekends we have had out of town guests! Yay for guests!
Two weekends ago we had my dear friend, Courtney, come stay with us. She is a friend of mine from nursing school. I am so thankful to stay in touch with friends from college. I cherish those friendships!
We had a great time during her visit. One thing we did is go up to the Harlem Meer in Central Park for a 'Pumkin Sail'. It was a little bit disappointing to be honest, but we still had fun. We dressed Jonah up in his halloween costume for the event, so of course there are lots of pictures!

Here is the pic of the (disappointing) pumkin sail. We thought that the pumkins would be allowed to freely float on the pond, but that was not the case. We had also carved a pumpkin and toted it all the way up to be entered into the sail to find out that all the spots were filled. Oh well. We had a nice time anyways.

Our bumble bee!

Me and Courtney at the Resevoir in Central Park..... on our walk home from the (disappointing) pumkin sail.

This past weekend, my parents came up from Atlanta. We had a nice time with them as well! We mostly just visited, hung out, and let them get some Jonah time in, since that doesn't occur too often with them down in GA! We did make it to the natural history muesem, which was fun.

I also took full advantage of my Dad's handy-man skills and put him to work in the apartment. Here are a few pictures from their time here.

Our first stop after my parents arrived in NYC was to Home Depot, one of my Dad's favorite stores... we had to get the needed supplies to get some stuff done in the apartment.

Jonah was very curious about the work that 'Papa' was doing. He definitely wanted to help put up the shelves!

Jonah and 'Grammy'

Jonah with his Grandparents (and the giant turtle) at the Natural History Muesem.

Papa pretending to rescue Jonah from the giant turtle.... Jonah is quite oblivious :)

We wore Jonah out.... we fed him a bottle in Central Park on the walk home from the Natural History Muesem.... he fell asleep while Mark was burping him. How precious.

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