Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Today Show

As some of you know, Jonah and I made our way down to the Today Show last Friday to try to get Jonah, the Bumble bee, some TV time. Well, we were successful. That is, if the only measure of success was to be on TV. Here are a couple of reasons this trip could fall into the 'NOT successful' category.
1. There were crowds of people.
2. Jonah got tired, hungry and fussy rather quickly.
3. I had to hold Jonah a long time because he wasn't happy sitting in his stroller waiting for our 5 seconds of fame.
4. My back and arms were killing me from holding Jonah for 2 solid hours.
5. There were crowds of people.
6. We were only on TV for 5 seconds.
Well, it is still up for debate as to wether or not this trip was worth it.... maybe we'll try again next year when Jonah can stand and not have to be held the entire time.

Fortunately, Mark's parents were able to DVR the Today show, so when we go down to Kentucky in December we'll be able to watch it! :) They also paused the DVR and took a picture of the screen while Jonah and I were on it. I look a little happier than Jonah. ha!

Here's Jonah all dressed up in his bumble bee costume in his stroller. This pic is in the train station on the way down to the Today Show. He looks thrilled to be up so early in his costume, doesn't he?

And here we are on the Today Show... our 5 seconds (that's pushing it) of glory. Jonah is half asleep at this point and you can't really see his feet, but one of his socks had come off and his pant leg was all bunched up... I didn't have much time to prepare him once I realized the camera was going to be on us.


  1. so funny! but at least you made it on there...after all that work it would have been a real bummer if the camera would have missed you. the things we do for our kids:)

  2. Exactly what I was going to least you made it on there! But I guess you have to stay longer than 30 minutes if you expect fame right? I love the little bumble bee!