Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Ravine

This past weekend we 'took a trip' to an area of Central Park that I had never been to before. Mark knows that I do not especially like the crowds of New York, so he thought this might be a 'getaway' of sorts for me. HE WAS RIGHT!
This area of Central Park is definitely now my favorite place in the park. Its about 40 blocks north of us and we walked there and back, so it was pretty much an all day event. I wish this area was closer to us because I would be there all the time. It definitely did not feel like we were in NYC. There were very few people there and very few tourists. It was reminiscent of being on a hiking trail in the Smoky Mountains... ok maybe not quite that great, but still... it was great!

Below are some pictures from our day trip. Unfortunately, the weather did not turn out quite as nice as we originally thought it would be, so we ended up getting caught in a down pour! Jonah managed to stay dry in his stroller, which was a relief to me. I was worried about him getting wet and cold, but he didn't seem to mind all the rain!
So-- for those of you who will visit NYC sometime... make sure this is an area of Central Park that you put on your list of places to see.... just don't tell other tourists because I want the area to remain somewhat of a secret!


After I got soaked!!


  1. I had no idea this place existed... maybe one weekend our two families can meet up there and hang out. I know we would love it.

  2. That's a great idea Susan! We'd love to meet up with yall and hang out there! Its very peaceful and relaxing! :)