Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh, the simple things.....

Jonah and I have been 'trapped' in our little NYC apartment today. It has been raining ALL day. We could venture out in the rain with the appropriate gear, but its almost more trouble than its worth. Luckily, Jonah doesn't need too much to be entertained... and luckily, I have him to entertain me! :)

Earlier today I was playing with Jonah in his mirror, which I do frequently, he just loves looking at his handsome little self. I can't blame him, I like looking at him too. Anyways, I had him in front of the mirror today and he wasn't really looking at the mirror, so I started tapping on the mirror with my fingernails to get his attention and he thought it was hilarious.... oh, the simple things.
I've uploaded a video of this... the video is not that good, I apologize for that, but hearing such an innocent laughter might make you overlook the poor videography.

The other simple pleasure that I have experienced today (but does not really compare to the pleasure that I found in listening to my baby boy giggle as I tapped my fingernails on the mirror).. is the joy of saving a penny (or two). So, I LOVE iced chai tea, particularly iced chai tea from a coffee shop around the corner called Gotham Coffee Shop.Its much better than Starbucks' iced chai tea to me. I have to have great amounts of self-discipline not to get an iced chai everyday. Well, as is done with most coffee drinks, the iced chai is way over priced. For a small iced chai, I pay about $4... this is ridiculous, especially considering all the ice in the cup. (Disclaimer: although this post will make you think I am not a fan of Gotham Coffee Shop, this is not true.. I still love the place and plan to be a customer there.)Well, I had been trying to find out the brand of iced chai that they used at this particular coffee shop, but no one wanted to divulge this information to me. One day, one of the workers finally let the secret out. I immediately came home and found that I could order the chai tea online! Here's where the simple pleasure comes in. I ordered two large canisters of the tea (b/c this was the best deal) which is 50 servings (actually probably more b/c I don't use as much mix as they recommend for a serving). Well, I figured out that I have saved myself over $200. If over time I had bought 50 iced chai teas from the coffee house around the corner, it would cost me $200+. I spent $20 total for the tea that will make 50 servings. ($20 would have only bought me 5 iced chai's at the place around the corner!) OH MY WORD! I cannot believe how over priced this stuff is! I am so glad that I was able to find this and now have it in my own pantry.... oh, the simple things.....

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  1. great deal on the tea...kevin loves starbucks coffee and is always driving way out of his way to stop at one. good thing we aren't right around the corner from a great coffee shop.
    jonah's laugh is so cute. i love they way they sound when they are so little.
    who knew such a simple thing could be so funny. i guess if we did, we wouldn't get so many toys for them:)