Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chick Magnet

It looks like Jonah is attracting women at a young age...... This past Sunday afternoon we made a stop at the new H&M on 86th St. I am very excited about this new store because it is one that I can walk to... and it has baby clothes!!! The other H&M that is close by does not have baby clothes, and the stores that do have baby clothes aren't really within walking distance. For those of you that don't know what H&M is... its a great clothing store that has clothes for all ages. I believe it originated in Europe. We are thankful that the store is in the US now, in fact, it is everywhere in NYC. Anyways, they have great clothes at very reasonable prices. If you are ever in NYC, you should definitely visit one or two or three... there are lots of them here!
Well, we made a quick trip into the store just to kind of look around since it is new. We didn't buy much, but we did happen upon a pair of baby sunglasses that we just couldn't resist. We bought them for Jonah and put them on him immediately. As I pushed the stroller down the sidewalk, not only could I not quit looking at my adorable son, I couldn't quit giggling at him wearing these sunglasses. We made another quick stop on our way back to our apartment... which was at Pinkberry. Another place that is wonderful and you should definitely visit if you are ever in NYC! I had a buy one get one free coupon that expired that day... so we HAD to use it! Well, I stood in line to get the yogurt and Mark waited outside with Jonah and the stroller. (Pinkberry stores are very small and usually quite crowded, so it was easier for Mark to stay outside with Jonah). While I was in line I could hear a table full of high school aged girls talking about Jonah. (He still had his ultra hip shades on). I was amused at how they were talking about how cute he was and how precious his smile was... of course, I agree whole-heartily with them. I got the yogurt and went back outside. Mark and I decided to stand there and eat the yogurt so it wouldn't melt. The group of high school aged girls, about 5 or so of them, finished their yogurt (they had been sitting inside at a table right next to the window) and walked outside. They came over and started talking to us about how cute Jonah was. We smiled and thanked them. Then, one of the girls asked if she could take his picture. So, we obliged. Then, a couple more of the girls joined in... they all snapped shots of Jonah with his shades on. He seemed to like the attention.

These girls were crazy over Jonah...... this just may be a sign of things to come! ;-)

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  1. i love these glasses, and the little boy wearing them is pretty cute himself:)