Tuesday, September 4, 2012

6 months

I CANNOT believe that Annabelle is 1/2 a year old. Time has seriously flown. She has been quite a different baby from Jonah so far. She is much more high-maintenance than her brother, but I guess that goes with being a girl. She is sweet and squeezable. She can be quite fussy and loves to be held... and we love holding her.

At 6 months, we started with a new pediatrician in Atlanta, at East Cobb Pediatrics.
Annabelle's weight: 13 pounds 7 ounces (15th percentile)
height: 25.75 inches (70th percentile)
She is on the small side, but is growing on her own little curve, so the pediatrician was not concerned. She seems to be right on target for her age as far as development and she did well for the doctor. She did have to get several shots, so that was not fun :(

Sleeping habits: Annabelle is not sleeping through the night. We have been staying at my Aunt Katie's house and Annabelle has been in the same room with us, so I hear every little whimper and so I end up getting up and feeding her in the night. I must say, while those middle of the night feedings are exhausting, there is something that is so sweet about them, a sleepy baby, that is usually cuddly and just needs to nurse for a minute or two and be put back to bed. Something so sweet about the silence of the night and a cuddly baby. Yes, I would probably prefer to sleep straight through the night, and I know it will come, but those sweet cuddles in the night are something that oddly enough, I will miss. Annabelle is still napping about 3 times/day. She has a morning nap, an afternoon nap, and then a late afternoon quick nap. She just doesn't want to give that last nap up.

Eating habits: We saw the pediatrician for Annabelle's 6 month appointment a week before she actually turned 6 months. At the appt. the doctor said she could start on solids. We had held off a little longer than some babies because of the condition Annabelle was born with, called laryngomalacia. She basically has a 'soft' larynx that can be floppy and slightly block her airway causing her to sound wheezy. The doctors have said she should out grow it by 18 months. It seems better at times, but not better at other times. When we started baby food with Annabelle, she was not so thrilled with it. She would not eat it at all actually, she just spit everything back out. The very first time she tried it she ended up throwing it all up. Thankfully, it has gotten slightly better. The first thing she ate was oatmeal cereal... not such a fan! Annabelle is still nursing 5-6 times/day and she still will not take a bottle... she's a stubborn one!

New discoveries/development: Annabelle is rolling more and more. She is quickly becoming semi-mobile and will roll to get something that she wants when she sees it. A week before she turned 6 months, she started sitting on her own. I am excited about this milestone because this is something that seems to make her happy. She likes to be able to sit and play with a toy or just sit and look around at things. She loves playing with her hands and feet and is making more and more adorable baby sounds!

Places I went: Annabelle left for Indian Springs Campmeeting a few days before her 6 month birthday, so she actually spent her 1/2 birthday in Jackson, GA at the campmeeting. She had a great time down there with her family and meeting new friends. A family tradition that I hope she will grow to love.

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