Friday, August 24, 2012


As some of you know, my Grandmother, Mamaw passed away on August 15. Her death was expected, however, it is still very sad.The sadness I have felt has been overwhelming at times. It has made me realize that I just do not understand how people can deal with losing someone unexpectedly. I am comforted to know that she was a Christian and I can picture her in Heaven with so many of the family members that she loved so dearly. I was quite close to my Grandmother throughout my life. I am sad that she has passed away now that I am back in Georgia and would be able to see her more often, however, I am glad that she did not pass away while I was living in New York because it would have been quite hard on me to be so far from her and the rest of my family while she was going through so much at the end of her life. I am glad I got to see her as much as I did before she passed away.

Her death has had me thinking a lot about how short life really is; it just goes by so quickly. I hope that this realization can effect me positively. I hope that I can put into practice what I have learned from my Grandmother's life. She was a sweet, silly, love-filled person. At her funeral, I had the privilege of reading the following poem that I wrote.

A Grandmother's love cannot be explained.
It cannot be mistaken, forgotten, or tamed.

I am blessed to have known a love such as this;
Her name Yvonne Roughton Rustin, her love - a heaven-sent kiss.

So many memories flood my mind... A sleepover at Mamaw's, a fun summer swim,
She'd even give my hair the much needed trim.

My brother's and I were on a strict diet, you see...
Except for at Mamaw's, sugar and goodies it would be!

She was a teacher by trade, and no doubt, one at heart.
Phonics, language, and reading she would diligently impart.

Asbury College was so special to her,
She spoke highly of it and loved it, for sure.

She made it possible for my brothers and me
To attend this wonderful college of Asbury.

She loved her family, friends and her Saviour too.
Most diligently she worked, and His will she would do.

Through the years she shared nothing but love,
She continued to give and put others above.

She always put others first and would help out a friend.
She was concerned for the children, the hungry, the needy, even right up to the end.

My daughter is named with Belle after you.
My hope is that she's blessed with your sweet spirit too.

It is unbelievably hard to say goodbye to you today.
I wish and I yearn a few more years you could stay.

As I kiss your cheek one last time,
I will share a special memory of mine.

Its a memory so vivid I have of her,
As she stood right beside me, my hand in hers.

Indian Springs summer campmeeting is the setting, you see.
We sang with our hearts and our lips, verses one, two, and three.

If we were to sing the same song together today,
She'd wipe my tears and joyfully say:
"When the Roll is Called up Yonder, I'll be There!!"

She was a wonderful grandmother. I will miss her so so much. I love you Mamaw!!

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