Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 things I will miss about NYC

As most of you know by now, the Probsts are moving to Atlanta! I am very excited about this and a bit overwhelmed at the same time. It has been 15 years since I lived in Georgia, close to family, so it will be a big change. Moving back to Georgia will be like getting to know an old friend all over again.

Since I found out we were moving to Atlanta, I have, of course, been thinking about all that I will miss in NYC... there are more things than I thought! I am sad to say goodbye to so many wonderful people and some great things about this city. Admittedly, there are some things that I am not so sad to say goodbye to.... but we'll save that for later. Here are a few things I will miss most about NYC:

10. Accessibility -- I will miss that you can pretty much find anything you want in this city... exotic food (not that I usually eat it), some obscure item that cannot be found elsewhere, you can find it in this city, and pretty close by. Related to accessibilty is food delivery... (meaning that great food is so accessible). I will definitely miss the ability to have fabulous food delivered to my door!

9. Visitors -- due to the fact that we have lived in an amazing city, we have had numerous people visit us. We do realize that a high percentage of these visitors are really coming to visit the city and we are just a side note, but I will still miss the opportunity of seeing many fabulous friends that I most likely would not have seen otherwise. I am hoping that we will still have visitors in ATL :), one thing is for sure, we will have more room to host them &.... I will show you some Southern Hospitality :)

8. Walking everywhere -- while sometimes this is a hassle and inconvenience, I really do love the 'on the move' lifestyle in the city. I am sure it is much healthier than riding in a car everywhere. It is definitely going to be an adjustment to go back to being in a car so much.

7. Central Park at night -- this is probably one of my favorite things about the city. the park at night... its pretty amazing. No doubt, one of mine and Mark's favorite things to do together, walk through the park at night. So peaceful and relaxing. Its an escape from the city in the city. If you live in the city and haven't done it... do it, but bring someone with you :)

6. Pinkberry -- yes, I do realize that there are Pinkberry's in GA, even one pretty close to where we are planning on living; however, I am quite certain that these Pinkberry's will not deliver frozen yogurt yumminess to my door... for this I am very sad and no doubt, I will have a significantly less amount of frozen yogurt because of it (probably a good thing :))

5. Subways & Buses -- I am mainly putting this on my list because I am going to miss taking Jonah on the train and bus. He loves it and I know he will miss riding them. I find such enjoyment in watching him every single time we are waiting on the subway. He is quite excited each time and tells me which train (a name of a character from the Thomas trains) that is coming to pick us up. Something that will be forever in my memory. I also must admit that I do quite enjoy riding the bus. If I am not in a hurry to get somewhere, it is relaxing and enjoyable... as long as its not too crowded and I have a seat.

4.Carl Shurz Park -- this is a park along the East River. It is a great park. Jonah loves going to this park to watch the doggies in the 2 doggy runs and also loves going here to watch for boats. We have seen some pretty impressive boats floating down this river. In this park, looking out at the river, you can also see the RFK bridge (formerly the tri-boro bridge) and the Queensboro bridge, which Jonah also loves to point out. This park also has a running path along the river, which has been my 2nd most used running spot.

3. Central Park -- I already kind of listed this, but Central Park is worth listing twice. What an amazing park. I am not sure I would have survived in the city without it. It has amazing playgrounds, awesome running paths, fabulous wide open green spaces. It has been the spot for many picnics, playdates, escapes from the city, and has definitely been the main means of allowing me to continue my running habit. They just don't make parks like it elsewhere... at least not that I have seen.

2. Gallery church -- what a blessing this church has been to us. The people in this church are genuine, loving people. We will miss them dearly. Thank you Jesus for letting us be a part of this amazing community for the past 4 years, help us to take the truths and lessons we have learned from being a part of an urban church in a large city with us to another part of the country. Help us be better people, better servants, and better vessels of your love because of your work in us at Gallery Church.

1. People -- no doubt this is the #1 thing I will miss. I have made numerous friends here that I will miss dearly! Whoever said that NYC'ers are not friendly has probably not visited NYC. It has been rare that I have run into an unfriendly person and the truth is, there are unfriendly people everywhere. It is so hard to say goodbye to friends.... I am not good at it. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it now. I have been so blessed by the friends I have made here, amazing people that are loving, caring, and are pouring their lives into this city. I am so thankful for each friend I have made and thank each of you for being a blessing to me. To me, YOU are the city. When I think back on our time here, YOU are what I will think about and miss the most. There are also many friends that have done an extraordinary job of loving on my children. (You know who you are). I have learned that just that is  most extreme blessing to a parent... to love on their children. So, thank you! Thank you for being our family away from family... such a HUGE blessing. We love each of you and will miss you so much!

Here are some pictures, memories, events from our 4 years in NYC. (in no particular order)
Jonah Samuel was born!
Baby Shower with fabulous friends
New Year's Even 2009
Thanksgiving 2010
Gallery Church Retreat 2010
picnic in the park with friends

A big snow of 2012

mia & jonah

small group friends

small group girls

Today Show 2009

winter visitors

Happy 1st Birthday Jonah!

Gallery Church retreat 2009
Bronx Zoo with the Wyatts
 Central Park
Picnic in Central Park

fun with the Wyatts in Central Park
Jonah riding the bus
Prospect Park zoo with the Walters
Annabelle Naomi was born!
Martha Stewart show with Erin
Rachel Ray show with Courtney (one of our visitors)
Jonah's 3rd birthday party with dear friends
Thanksgiving Day Parade 2011
2nd building we lived in 93rd Street and 3rd Avenue
First building we lived in 67th Street and 2nd Avenue
Thanksgiving day parade 2008
Fabulous small group friends
Run on the Brooklyn bridge

Jonah and his best friends!
Many great memories... thank you for an awesome 4  years!

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