Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A sewing project or two...

So, I am continuing to do some sewing here and there when I get time. I am getting better at it, but I still have a looong way to go to feel like I know what i'm doing a larger percentage of the time.

We are headed down to KY to visit Mark's family.... I am SOooo excited about this. They haven't met Annabelle yet. Who wouldn't be excited to introduce their bundle of joy to loved ones?!?! Anyways, my excitement about seeing our family combined with my love of sewing or love of having a cute finished project inspired me to make initial shirts for all of the cousins on Mark's side of the family. There are 6 grandchildren now, with Annabelle being the youngest, so I "made" 6 shirts. I actually bought all of the onesies/shirts at h&m... it is the best place for finding nice quality, solid colored t-shirts... not just basic white or black ones, they have a lot of nice color options! I decided to do a different color for each child with a different fabric for the appliqued initial. Here are the shirts :)

a for Annabelle
c for Caleb
e for Elizbeth
j for Jonah
a for Addison
M for Maxwell

I think I am most excited about the 'M' for Maxwell because I *think* I created an initial t-shirt that an 8 year old boy will like... at least I hope so!

My second sewing project is a wristlet clutch. I have made several of these. The first one I ever made was for myself and while it turned out ok there were several flaws. The fabric I chose was too light and I couldn't throw it in the wash because of the leather wrist strap. SO after using that one awhile I finally deciding that it was just too dirty to carry around anymore, I decided to make myself another one. I followed a tutorial/pattern that I purchased from etsy and I think it turned out pretty good. There are a few imperfections that I notice, but hopefully no one else does.... so I won't discuss them :) I do wish that I had added a little pocket on the inside, which is pretty easy to do, but when I thought of adding it it was too late... I suppose that gives me an excuse to make another one in the future.

I really like having a wristlet clutch, and here are the reasons why..... It fits nicely down inside a diaper bag and that way my essentials are easy to pull out of the diaper bag if I don't need to carry the whole big bag. The wristlet clutch also hangs nicely on a stroller handle so that all my essentials are easily accessible. I don't particularly like carrying a big purse around (most of the time) so this little one is perfect for me! Here are a few pictures of the completed project.

The finished product!

Here's the inside...

Please excuse the very poor picture quality of these pictures (taken with my cell phone).


  1. All your projects look great!!! Annabelle is gorgeous and I have been enjoying your pics of Jonah and the "new" wagon on fb. Maybe I'll run into you while you are in KY. Safe travels!

  2. These all look great. Please pass some of your energy on to me!

  3. Let's sew together soon Susan!
    I hope to see you AnnaLee!:)