Monday, March 19, 2012

1 month

Jonah's baby book had pages for each month during the first year, which I really liked. It is fun to be able to look back at his baby book and see a progression of the first year because babies change so much in that first year of life. Annabelle's baby book does not have a page for each month, which kind of disappointed me. I picked out the book online and thought I was getting one that did have those pages and then once I got it I was too lazy to return it and get another one.... SO, I have decided I will do a blog post for each month and use the information (or questions) in Jonah's baby book to guide what I write for each month... that way I have a similar record and I can print it out day to stick in with her baby book.

Annabelle has already turned 2 months old, so I have a little bit of catching up to do :)

ONE month
Height: 21.5 inches (55th percentile) Weight: 9 pounds(50th percentile)

Sleeping patterns: Annabelle doesn't really like to be on a schedule. I have tried to keep her on the 3 hour cycles like I did with Jonah, but she eats when she wants to eat and sleeps when she wants to sleep. Sometimes she is going 4 hours between nursing, which feels like a long time, but as long as she is gaining weight appropriately, I guess its ok! She is sleeping fairly well at night, waking up 1-2 times each night to nurse.

Eating patterns: She basically eats every 3 hours, sometimes sooner and sometimes longer. She is exclusively breastfed... we're working on getting her to take breastmilk from a bottle.

New discoveries I made: Annabelle has discovered the mobile bees on the swing and likes to watch them go around. She also seems to be looking at herself in the mirror.

My accomplishments: Annabelle has given us a few smiles... we're not sure she's meaning to give them, but we'll take them! :)

Places I went: around 1 month of age, we took Annabelle (and Jonah) to the Bronx zoo... it may have been a little more than this mommy should've attempted, but overall it was a good trip... we were just worn out afterwards! Jonah had a great time and Annabelle did well. It was a warm (for winter in NY) February day. Annabelle also attended church at The Gallery Church.

Special Friends I made: Annabelle has met some babies about her age at church, Clara Burton, Laurabelle Patton, and Soren Miller. These babies were born in Fall 2011, so are a bit older, but are the closest in age to Annabelle of the children at church.

The first month with Annabelle has been a delight! We have had multiple visitors including, her maternal grandparents, Tommy (Papa) and Joyce (Mammie) Freeman, who visited from Georgia. Courtney, Mommy's dear friend from nursing school also came to visit. We've had multiple local visitors who have come with meals and love for sweet Annabelle. Annabelle has filled our hearts and home with love and joy.

Annabelle 3 days old, sleeping in her swing

Annabelle & Jonah with Papa and Mammie

Annabelle showing us her unhappiness with us in trying to get her newborn pictures

Sweet smiles at 1 month of age

Annabelle with "Aunt" Courtney on the subway on our Girls day out... we took Annabelle to Alice's Tea Cup for her first "tea" :)

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