Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Streets in the city

Every Saturday in August is 'Summer Streets' in NYC. The city shuts down a portion of Park Avenue from 7am-1pm on Saturday morning. It's Great! We have taken advantage of this every summer we have lived here so far. It provides a different place for runners, walkers, and cyclists to get out and exercise!

Mark, Jonah, and I headed out first thing Saturday morning and walked over to Park Avenue. We jogged about 3 miles and we were able to jog past the building Mark works in and other neat landmarks, such as Grand Central Station. The weather was really nice and we really enjoyed our time. Here are a couple of pictures from the morning jog.

The 3 of us on Park Avenue during our run - I'm 18 weeks pregnant and looking quite chubby ;)

Mark and Jonah in front of Mark's office building

After our run, we let Jonah explore Park Avenue a little.. alot of the nice office buildings have pretty fountains in front of them.

During Summer Streets, different companies set up booths to advertise their products. This was a Vespa scooter booth and they let you take pictures on the scooters :)

Another fountain/water fall in the midtown area

After our run, we grabbed something to eat and headed over to Central Park. Jonah had been saying he wanted to visit Gus. Gus is the Polar Bear at the Central Park zoo that Jonah likes so much. He is usually quite entertaining as he really likes to swim. He is fun to watch. While we were there, we also visited a few other displays, such as the penguins.

Jonah at the Penguin display at Central Park zoo

A few pics of Jonah watching Gus swim

After the zoo, we made a quick stop at the Central Park Carousel. Jonah and Daddy rode together and both seemed to really enjoy it.

The morning was wrapped up by some time on one of our favorite playgrounds in Central Park. It is one we used to visit pretty frequently when we lived further south in the city. Now, it isn't so close to us, so its kind of a special occasion to get to it. At the playground we ran into some friends from our old building. They have a little boy who is almost 2, so he and Jonah played together for a little while and then we all went to lunch. It was a great morning!

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