Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jonah got to hang out with some friends today... (and so did I)! :)

We walked over to the west side this morning to pick up a CD of the professional pictures that we had taken of Jonah. Since we were on the upper west side (UWS) we planned to hang out with some friends of ours from church, The Wyatts. I ended up watching the twins for a little while so Susan and Jack could go look at an apartment. So, Jonah got to hang out with his friends. Elliot and Jonah had a fun time fighting over the toy drum, they all played together with the 'Leap Frog' musical toy. Its really fun to watch Jonah interact with other babies as he doesn't get to do this terribly often right now.

Enjoy the pictures of all the cute babies!

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  1. Lillie and Elliott ask for Jonah when they woke up! Thanks for watching them for me. Next time we'll all hang out and do something!