Monday, October 1, 2012

8 months

Annabelle turned 8 months old on September 14. The time is flying. I just love having a baby, so I am hanging on to every minute!

No Peds appt at 8 months, but I weighed her myself.
Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz.

Sleeping habits:
Annabelle is finally, solidly sleeping through the night! yay!! I am pretty happy about this. It has really helped to be in our own house and for her to have her own room. I bought a video monitor which I loooove. Its almost as comforting as having her right beside me. Because Annabelle is a second child, her napping schedule has been much more flexible and 'on the go' than Jonah's. She definitely is still napping about 2x's/day. She will usually take one long nap and one short nap each day. She is turning into a much better sleeper than she was the first 7 months!

Eating habits:
Annabelle is also becoming a better eater. She really doesn't care for baby food, meaning the blended up stuff, but she will eat pretty much anything that I give her that is soft and/or dissolvable. Puffs are her new favorite thing. She gets very excited when I pull them out of the pantry. She is also still nursing. She is nursing 4-5 times per day... we have a loose schedule we use, but she more or less nurses when she wants to. As much as I have tried to have her be a scheduled baby, she does not want to be. I didn't understand when moms would say that about their babies when I had Jonah and he was SO easy to get on a schedule, but now I fully understand this. Apparently it is just not her personality to be on a schedule. We will see how this plays out in her future :) She still won't take a bottle either, so she is pretty tied to Mommy.

New discoveries/development:
Annabelle has started waving and clapping this month. It is SO cute! I just love it. She is so proud of herself and she gives the biggest grin when she does it. She is not crawling yet, but when she does, which I don't think will be too long, I believe she is going to be into everything. Jonah was never really a baby that got into things he shouldn't, but I think Annabelle is really going to keep me on my toes. She already reaches and graps for anything that is in her sight. One morning I was holding her and eating a plain eggo waffle. I got distracted and before I knew it she had pulled that waffle out of my hand and stuffed half of it in her mouth. She had a big grin on her face about it too! ha!
. She can move across the floor by laying on her back and pushing with her feet or laying on her tummy and pushing with her arms. Annabelle is also eating puffs independently, so she is mastering the pincer grasp.

Places I went:
Just after Annabelle turned 7 months old (so btwn 7-8 months) her great grandmother, whom she is named after, Eulabelle Yvonne, passed away. Annabelle, Jonah and Mommy went down to Gordon, GA for a few days right after 'Mamaw's' passing to be with family, my parents. We then drove to Sandersville, GA, where my Grandmother lived a majority of her life, for the funeral. At the funeral, Annabelle was able to meet many great aunts, uncles, and cousins. As sad as a funeral is, it is always nice to get to see distant family. I personally wish it didn't take a funeral to get us all together.

Jonah started school during this month, so Annabelle has been toted to and from Jonah's school a lot this month. She is a trooper though, and goes with the flow pretty well. Aunt Susie came to visit us, which was a lot of fun for us all!

Annabelle is such a sweet, special little girl. It is so much fun to watch her personality develop. She is so loving and so much fun to be around. Thank you Jesus for our blessing!

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