Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prospect Park

For several months, my friend Jill and I have been trying to plan a day to meet at Prospect Park to go to the zoo. For one reason after another we hadn't been able to coordinate. Finally, today we made it happen! The weather, for NYC in November, was Ahhmazing! It was a glorious fall day. This was my first trip to Prospect Park. It should have taken me about 1 hour by subway, but due to multiple factors, it took me 2 hours to get from my apartment to the Prospect Park zoo entrance. Exhausted at 31 weeks pregnant? yes. Was it worth it? Totally.

One of the contributing factors to the fact that it took me so long to get to the zoo entrance was that I ended up entering the park at an entrance that was not so close to the zoo. So, I had a 20 minute walk through the park to get to the zoo. I had no idea where I was going initially till I finally found a map and a few friendly Brooklynites to point me in the right direction. To this fall-lovin' girls' delight, the 20 minute walk was worth the long commute to Brooklyn. The leaves were gorgeous and the weather was perfect. Jonah really seemed to enjoy himself too. He was convinced that although this too, was his first trip to Prospect Park, he knew the way to the zoo, even though Mommy did not. He would say, "Mommy, you just need to go through that tunnel right over there and we'll get to the zoo." He has most likely inherited his sense of direction from his daddy, so no doubt, he will know his way around NYC better than me in no time. He is constantly asking where we are 'on the map' when he sees a map... he also asks what streets we are walking on and what streets we are going to. He has a love of maps and geography like his daddy does.

On a similar note, but kind of a side story for this blog post-- he has picked up on what Mark and I say when we get in a taxi to go home, ya know, what we say to the driver when we get in -- "93rd and 3rd please", which is the intersection where our apartment building is located. He now, usually beats me to telling the driver where we need to go. The funny thing is, he will blurt out "ninety-thuwrd and thuwrd please" even if we are getting in a cab to go somewhere besides home, so I have to quickly correct him and tell the driver the appropriate address. So cute (and kind of amazing) what they pick up on!

Back to the current topic....Jonah had a great time at the zoo, once we finally made it there. He and Even toddled around after each other and had fun pointing out the animals and showing each other the different animals that they liked. It was really cute and fun watching them interact with each other. They also decided to switch strollers 1/2 way through the day so that Even was riding in Jonah's stroller and Jonah in Even's :)

Here are some pictures from our fun day!

Pathway through Prospect Park that we walked on to get to the zoo

Gorgeous fall leaves

Jonah liked this little tree and wanted his picture by it

Jonah spotted this very large leaf on the pathway through the park and hung onto it all day

Turtle Even :)

Jonah and Even in the Turtle shell together

Jonah acting like a turtle ;)

Jonah and Even looking at something in this tank... there were fish in there, but none showed up in the picture... I think it looks like there's a snake down in the bottom of the tank too :P

Jonah with his leaf

Jonah in the prarie dog play tunnels

More fall leaves

So, I think this large bird is an Emu -- but I asked Jonah what he thought it was and he said.... "hmmmmmm.... maybe a goat?" and Even chimed in with "Cow!"

Jonah cheezin for the camera


  1. Ah...these pictures will be great in the slideshow at their wedding ;)

  2. Looks fun! What a beautiful day. CDW... Only of Lillie doesn't beat her to it ;)