Sunday, April 3, 2011

San Fran with Friends

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday morning we woke up to something a bit surprising..... a tree had fallen on our rental car! Surprisingly there was very little damage done to the car. Thank goodness! The tree falling on our car could've put a real damper on our day, but thankfully we were able to still go ahead with our plans to go into San Francisco for the day. Mark and Jeremy had to saw the branches off the tree to get it off. Although the tree looked like it might be kind of light, they said it was not.

tree on car! Luckily, it looked a lot worse than it was.

After they got the tree cleared off of the car, we were able to head out to San Francisco as planned. The first place we stopped was a place called Twin Peaks. It is an area where you have a good view of San Francisco. It was very scenic!

view of San Fran from Twin Peaks

Jenny, Mark, Jonah, and Jeremy walking along the edge at Twin Peaks

Me and Jenny at 'Twin Peaks'

Our next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was nice enough for us to walk part of the way across the bridge. We could tell the rain was coming while we were out on the bridge so we rushed to get back to the car. It started pouring just as we got to the car, but we all got kind of wet as we rushed to get in. The bridge was beautiful and it was definitely at the top of the list as far as things I wanted to see while in San Francisco. I'm glad we got it in!!

Golden Gate Bridge

Jonah in his stroller on the Golden Gate Bridge

Thankfully, the rain didn't last, at least not where we headed next. We went down to the Fisherman's Wharf area by way of Lombard Street (the curviest street in America), then and had lunch and walked around for awhile and ended up down at pier 39 where the sea lions play. Jonah enjoyed watching and hearing the sea lions. I enjoyed it too although they were kind of stinky. :)

Lombard Street

Unique road sign at the top of Lombard Street

Looking back up Lombard Street. If you look closely you can see the cars that are obviously facing different directions as they curve down the street. (Can you imagine living on this street?!?!)

The 3 of us at Fisherman's Wharf

Sea Lions at Pier 39

By far, Jonah's favorite thing was riding the cable car in downtown. We rode a street car and a cable car. It was a unique experience. Jonah loved how all the street cars and cable cars were each a different color. He would say "you see that blue one?" or " you see that red one!?" He got very excited each time one passed.

One of the street cars... it is pretty amazing how they just travel along right in the middle of the road with the cars.

The Cable car we rode in

View as we went down the road in the Cable car

Me and Jenny in the Cable car

The 3 of us on the side of the cable car (after the cable car ride)

Jenny and Jeremy on the cable car

Me and Jenny on the cable car

At my request we next drove over to see the "Painted Ladies". Thes are the houses that got their fame from the tv show "Full House". Although, I don't think one of these houses was actually used on the show or anything. They were very pretty and again a sight that was high on my list of things to see in San Fran since this girl was a big "Full House" fan back in the day.

Me and Mark in front of the 'Painted Ladies'

We also went to Golden Gate Park which is a big park and reminded us a lot of Central Park. It was beautiful and had a lot of open space that was essential for those city dwellers in down town San Fran. The park goes right up to the coast, so we did get out of the car for a few minutes and admire the beautiful CA coast, unfortunately it was still too cold for bathing suits!

Windmill in Golden Gate Park

A funny sign inside Golden Gate Park -- pretty much you can't do anything in this area of the park.

The beautiful view at Ocean Beach (the beach inside of Golden Gate Park)

We ended our day by going to dinner with our dear friends Jenny and Jeremy. The time with them was way too short for me. It was a sad goodbye for me and Jenny. Jenny is one of those friends who I always feel close to and always pick up with where we left off. I am so thankful for her!

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