Saturday, February 12, 2011


Anytime we walk by a Starbucks, which is every few blocks in NYC, these are the words you will hear from Jonah's mouth "Hot-hot!", or "Dada get hot-hot!" Its really quite adorable and sometimes, he will just see the starbucks logo and loudly and proudly proclaim "hot hot!"

This all started because, as many of you know, Mark is a pretty avid Starbucks coffee drinker. He drinks a starbucks coffee nearly everyday. I know, its pretty ridiculous that we don't brew our coffee at home... but we won't get into that, this is just how it is. Anyways, Mark would bring his cup of coffee into the apartment on a weekend morning and say to Jonah, "Don't touch daddy's coffee, its hot, hot!" So, Jonah has since associated the words "hot hot!" with Starbucks coffee. Anytime Mark has a cup of coffee, Jonah wants to barely touch it and say "hot hot!".

On weekday mornings, when Mark is already at work, Jonah will often say, "Dada - choo-choo, hot-hot, work" This is Jonah's version of what Mark would say to him before he left for work. Mark would say, "Daddy is going to go get on the choo choo, get a hot hot and go to work." Jonah is so proud that he knows the outline of Dada's morning. Also, randomly thoughout the day, Jonah might say, "Dada at work, drink hot hot". Its so cute to think about what is going through his little mind.

There have been several occasions recently where Jonah has announced that he is going to get dada a "hot hot". He has wanted me to put his little back pack on (as pictured below) and then he will say "bye bye Mama, go get Dada hot hot". He made a similar announcement after getting on his little riding car, saying he was off to get dada a hot hot.

Don't worry, we won't be letting Jonah drink his own "hot hot" for quite a few more years. :)

Jonah heading out to buy his Daddy a coffee :P

Riding the car to get Daddy a coffee (or hot hot as he would call it)

Daddy and Jonah walking in NYC, Mark with coffee (hot hot) in hand

Jonah touching Daddy's coffee saying "Hot hot!"

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  1. That is hilarious. I can't wait to drink "hot-hot" up there with you guys.