Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My jobs

Because I have started a new job recently, I have had many questions about what I do..... so I decided I would blog about it for all of you that are curious. If you're not or you already know, then just skip this post. :)

My Family Nurse Practitioner job..... I work one day/week as a Nurse Practitioner. I work with/for a Internal Medicine Doctor who started his own practice visiting patients in their home. So, basically it is primary care provided in the home. We take the Doctor's office to the patient. I see the patients on my own, meaning the doctor is not with me. I am able to treat many common illnesses, and chronic diseases conditions, such as sinus infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. etc. The bulk of my day (on Thursdays) is actually spent in Assisted living facilities, seeing patients there. It is still the same concept of bringing primary care to the patient, they just live at Assisted Living Facilities instead of private residences. We are able to order x-rays, blood work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc... and it all comes to them. I guess that's job #1 in a nutshell..... Its challenging, interesting and I do enjoy the elderly.

My job with NYU as a Nursing Clinical Instructor..... I work one/day week as a Clinical Instructor. I am instructing nursing students during their first semester of nursing school. The name of the course is Fundamentals of Nursing. There is a lecture component and a clinical component to this course. I am instructing in the clinical component. I have two different groups of students, they alternate Tuesdays. Each group has 5 students. The first few week of the semester we have been at The Jewish Home, which is a Nursing Home/Rehabilitation facility on the Upper West side. In two weeks we will be at Mt. Sinai Hospital on the Upper East Side. I instruct and supervise students as they are learning nursing assessment and skills. This semester they are literally learning the fundamentals of nursing, so the basic skills, such as giving bed-baths, taking vital signs, medication administration and head-to-toe nursing assessment. The students are excited about their first nursing experience and are eager to learn! So, its fun to see their excitement and newness! It's refreshing. It has its challenges, but its fun and rewarding. I enjoy combining nursing and teaching. One of my main goals in teaching these students is to instill in them a love of nursing while teaching them these fundamental nursing skills. It's a great job and I am thankful for the opportunity!

Well, lastly, however certainly my most important job, is being a wife and Momma! I love this job!!!! Its full time and its the best best best job I have ever had. It's one that keeps me busy, challenged, and happy. Of course there are frustrating moments, times I have felt like I have failed, but to balance those moments out, there are many happy, proud moments, and many days filled with love, happiness, and fun. I am SO very thankful for this job. It is my favorite by far. I am extremely blessed.

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