Saturday, January 30, 2010


I believe that Jesus has been teaching me some lessons recently. SO, I thought I'd share them with you. It might be more for my own good to share them, but I guess maybe it can be for your 'good' too. I'll try to be brief and to-the-point.

As some of you know, I never dreamed that I would live in NYC. It took me awhile to adjust to living here. This may be extreme, but I even think that the transition to living in the city could be viewed as a form of culture shock. Its really just so different from anywhere I've ever lived. Obviously, most people here speak English, so that was not a contributing factor to the difficult adjustment, but there were many other things that made the transition difficult for me. Anyways, I do now feel mostly adjusted and probably have for about the past 6 months or so.

Because I had a difficult time adjusting to life in the city, my mindset was 'when we move back to....', 'if we were living ______, this would be easier, better, etc.' I have realized that this is not the mindset that I want to live in, its not the mindset that Jesus wants me to live in either. Jesus has made my heart content. Admittedly, this will be a continued work in progress for me, as I'm sure I will still long for other places, but Jesus has shown me that I should pour my heart and life into the 'here and now'. I do not want to look back on my time here and not have much 'to show' for it.

I want to pour my heart, my soul, my desires, my whole self into each moment, moment by moment, that I am here. I want to be a better friend to those God has placed in my life. I want to be a better wife, supporting my husband in his work, his interests and his relationship with Jesus. I want to be a better Mom, always putting Jonah's needs before my own, raising him to love and serve Jesus. I also want to be content with my jobs. I am always thinking about other jobs I could be doing, or wish I was doing (all within the field of nursing/nurse practitioner-ing) but I have come to the place where I feel that God has given me these jobs for a reason, he has blessed me with employment, and I do not want to take that lightly. I want to be the best nurse, nurse practitioner, and nurse educator that I can be.

I realize these are lofty goals, but these are the desires of my heart. I want to live each moment to the best of my ability, glorifying Jesus in all I do. Living my life more in the present, rather than always looking to the future. Not that I won't keep the future in mind, but not letting it always be my focus.

Well, there you have it. I promise to post an update about Jonah next time... and soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing Melissa. It is culture shock to live here because it is so different from anywhere else... we'll of the places we are used to. I'm grateful you guys are here now and am thankful for our friendship.

  2. Thanks Susan, I'm very thankful for your friendship too and I am thankful for Freddy's leadership at The Gallery.