Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Bath time
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Jonah with his Papa

The Probst Family

Mark, Jonah, and I were able to recently take a trip down to Georgia to spend time with my family. We attended Indian Springs Holiness Camp meeting. My family has been attending this camp meeting for years, my great grandparents (on my Mom's side) attended and now Jonah is the 5th generation to attend in our family. This year, my grandmother, Jonah's great-grandmother was in attendance, as well as my mom, me and Jonah.. so 4 generations were there at the same time. Its so nice to have family time!!! :)

For those of you who don't know what a camp meeting is.... I'll admit, its a bit unusual, but so refreshing. Its more or less a camp for the whole family. Its 10 days long and there are programs and services for all ages. My family owns a cabin on the campground. There are also other places to stay, such as a hotel (its very basic) and dorms for the youth. Stepping onto the campground is kind of like stepping back in time. The services are in an open air tabernacle and many of the cabins are not air-conditioned... no TV's or phones (well, now there are cell phones). Its relaxing and rejuvenating.
Well, we had a great time spending time with family, relaxing, and attending the services. There was definitely a little bit of a different pace than there is here in NYC.
I am posting a video of my Dad entertaining Jonah.... well, really, entertaining all of us. He making the dog imitate Jonah. We all thought it was funny, especially since Jonah thought it was funny.

Also posted are a couple more pictures from our stay down south. (The pictures posted above).We gave Jonah a bath in an old timey wash tub, which he enjoyed.. and we all enjoyed watching and taking pictures of him.

We had a great time and will cherish the memories of Jonah's first camp meeting.

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